My gay son?

I don't want to admit it but I'm sure my son is gay. He works for a childrens play group and is the only male employee, he has never had a girlfriend  or shown any interest in girls. I split up with his mother several years ago and he now seems very close to his step father, almost to close. I do my best to try to make a real man of him, going out drinking and pulling the easy women but he isn't interested. The other night we went back to my flat with a couple of local slags that were up for anything and my fairy of a son just went to his room on his own, leaving me to pound the pair of them all night. I go shooting and play rugby while he does Girly stuff like fishing. Even my workmates have guessed he is not normal. Does anyone think there is any hope for him or do I finally tell everyone my only son is gay?

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  • Just by reading your comment it doesn't sound like your son is gay, why dont you actually spend some time with him build up his trust and maybe he will tell you if he is gay but keep in mind he probably isn't I'm guessing you haven't been a real father figure in his life which is why he is probably closer to his step father than you. Saying you wasted 21 years on your son is an awful thing to say. Does it really matter if he is gay? You should be there to support him no matter what his sexuality is. It sounds like you have been pushing him his whole life to be all mancho but your idea of a real man is not socially accepted in this day and age. In fact being gay is more socially accepted then you know. My advice, grow up a little and be a man a man who accepts his son no matter what sexuality he is support your son whenever possible and stop worrying about what your loser friends will think you should stick up for your son. At the end of the day he is your flesh and blood and you should be ashamed for not wanting to be a part of his life if he does turn out gay.

  • Guess some people just don't really care about others huh?
    What's with all this stupid comments.

    My comment to all the idiots, is to stop wasting other peoples time posting up s*** on other people walls when they are only looking for help and some good advice. Isn't that the reason for a comment page.

    My comment to the father, is just support whatever decisions your son makes without the insults. If you choose to disown your son, you will only regret it in the end. Remember he is still your son.

  • Stupid comments? There's some good advice there. Your idea of just supporting the son is the stupid one. Who wants that raging homophobic's support? The quicker this kid has him out of his life the better. And yes, he's obviously a goo gobbler himself, though a closeted one. It's so obvious.

  • I'm sensing some insecurity with your own sexuality, big fella. What you're doing is classic acting out and over compensating. You're fighting anything that may threaten your manhood, including the fact the spawn of your loins isn't macho enough. People like you almost always end up at the glory holes, gettiing sucked off by some anonymous dude or doing the sucking yourself. From the sounds of it, you're a classic "bottom." That means you like a dominant partner who f**** you in the ass, the bigger his c*** the better. You need to stop worrying about your son and come to grips with yourself.

  • Don't go around telling people your son is gay!!! you have no idea how hard it is to be a gay person and having to come out in the world knowing that everyone with be judgmental of you! And second fishing is NOT girly!!!!!! You are an ASS!

  • "Real man"? A real man is a homophobic dirtbag who sleeps with whatever girl he can get his hands on? I think not. Your son sounds like more of a man than you are.

  • You must have a very small p****, being so homophobic.

  • Wow, what a complete a*** of a father he has! Do you seriously expect your son to want to "pound" some women that you brought home from a bar? Just maybe he has better taste than you -- did that thought ever cross your mind?

  • He probably learned how to be a pole smoking f** from watching his little wanna be tough guy dad his whole life.

  • Just a point of clarification. Is "s***" an English term for woman with c***? Or does it mean "brother."

  • Wow.. you consider yourself a role model to your son? You are homophobic..the fact that your concerned that your son maybe gay because he won't sleep with the "slags" you bring home. Chances are he doesn't want to be "a chip off the old block"..because the "old block" is not a "MAN" is a poor excuse for one. Your son is most likely embarrassed by you... If you want to get to know your son, then go fishing with him. Don't "out" should accept him regardless. His mother did right by him. Look what you did? You made your son want to be nothing like you. He's still a man..a good man..better then you. Maybe you should take a lesson from him.

  • What makes you think that he is not normal? I think you are a pig. No matter what sexual preference your son is, he is still your son.

  • Hey enjoy those dudes packages in your face during your next rugby scrum F**

  • Never "out" someone who hasn't "outted" themselves. That's really, really f***** up!

  • I asked for comments and I'm not a homophobic, that even sounds q****. My father, by brothers and their sons are all real men so where did I go wrong? I've done my very best to make a man of him, showing him all the best p***, I guess it's all his mothers fault as she is a week person. I just wanted a normal son not a f***** working with kids. I thought only sad lonely gay men went fishing, I've wasted 21 years on him

  • Wow, you sound like a horrible father. Do you know how challenging it is to work with children? Maybe you need to show your son a little respect. Maybe he wouldn't be a "say lonely" gay if he could come out and be happy for once in his 21 years.

  • Get some vinegar, get some baking soda. Then make a big clay volcano. Then while this is erupting, if your son is too busy sucking d***, he is gay.

  • I wouldn't start telling all your mates your son is gay until he's actually said so himself. That may be a while in coming, seeing as he has a homophobic father. Tough luck, having to bag those slags all by yourself. And since when is fishing girly stuff? Quilting, tea parties, Streisand concerts OK, but fishing?

  • Tell them after all in laindon sexual disabliaty is normal and just remember bi is as bad as gay

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