My fiancee's psychi, but I love it!

My fiancee's dad left her when she was a little girl because he "came out of the closet". When she got pregnant, her husband did the same thing. She's got this real terror of guys "turning gay" on her, which means she's ready for any sexual adventure I can come up with that shows how much I like s** with girls. It's a real trip. When I caught her son and one of his friends jerking off together, I immediately ratted him ot to his mom, then suggested that she "save him from gayness". Watching her do her son is a hot time. This makes me both a pervert and an a******, but who cares? Her son and his buddy sure ain't complaining, that's for sure!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • To Anonymous 8/23/2010 10:47 PM - (comment immediately above): you are a dough-head...

  • That happens a lot, you know. Especially with women raised by Fundie Christians. It is so easy to get Fundie Christian women to perv out it's ridiculous! They're raised to think that "the Man is the Head of the House" and this huge list of behaviors is "Satanic", so if the "Man of the House" orders them to do something or makes them feel guilty, then they fall for it like bricks! That's how so many incest daddies get away with s******* their kids for years.

  • Fake and not even a good fake.

  • U R gay. Shoot yurself

  • bi is as bad as gay

  • She must be the stupidest, dumbest,most ignorant wit on the planet!

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