Geeetttt over ittt...

Dear Roommate,
I know that you think....
I Crushed chocolate into the futon
I Used your razor to shave
I crushed chocolate covered peanuts into the carpet
I leave bobby pins all over
I don't clean up after myself
I leave wrappers all over
That I won't take care of my Beta Fish
That because I have a fish in our living room it will smell

But the funny thing is that YOU haven't told me you think this. You've told EVERYONE else that you think this and they've told me. Another fact is that every one of those things you think I've done...I haven't. I even confronted you today about your inability to say things directly to me and how I don't appreciate the accusations. Your response was a bitchy "oookay"

I'm not looking forward to sharing this dorm with you next year. Neither are our other two roommates. Your best friend even thinks you're a b****.

I wonder why.

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  • it would be funny if you actually started doing what she said you did...oh, just living up to expectations.

  • MOVE OUT! I hate the dumb whores that can't be honest. I lost my best friend because she was a dumb w****. Move out! Crush chocolate into her pillow as you leave!

  • you two really need to 69

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