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I'm slightly smitten with the guy I've been having a FWB relationship with. All of my sexual encounters have either turned into casual s** or started out that way, so Im not new to the whole f*** buddy arrangement. But with me and him we actually turned into pretty good friends. He graduated and moved back home a little after we started our FWB relationship. In both of our minds we thought we would never see each other again but for some reason we kept talking and ended up being really good friends. Now there isn't a day that goes by where we don't talk. In the last couple of months he's been back for one reason or another and each time we hung out and had s**. But this last time I really wanted to share my feelings with him. But he crushed my idea when he told me "your gonna make someone really happy one day". So now I'm back to keeping my feelings to myself. I don't want a relationship with him, Im sure of that, but I'm not the type to keep things bottled up inside for too long. i think if I told him he'd take it the wrong way, but IDK what else to do. Sigh F my life......

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