I Like You?

How can you like someone who doesn't even know you exist? Or at least I thought he didn't......

Jacob. an 11th grader. handsome. charming. smart. sweet. TAKEN. :/

He's popular. I'm not. He's outgoing. I'm not. He's attractive. I'm not. -well I don't think I am. (negative person as you can tell)

But, there's just something about him. Jacob. My mysterious lover.

Here's the story: I've had a crush on this guy since the beginning of the year. I'm in the 10th grade. I have always noticed him looking at me...staring at me. Whenever I pass through the halls at school or just standing there waiting for someone. At first I thought that he thinks I'm weird because when he looked he didn't really show emotion or a smile. So I ignored him for a while... Sometimes I saw him kissing his girlfriend and it made me a little sad at times. But I just decided to forget about him since he wasn't available.

Present Time: A couple days ago I had went to the library (it was lunchtime).. I was just doing my work alone. Then all of a sudden I saw him walking up to me...closer and closer he got. He asked if he could take a seat in the chair across from me. I said go ahead. I was surprised that he actually came up and talked to me because he never had before for some reason. He started doing his work also. It was kind of uncomfortable for me because I had a crush on this guy and didn't know how to act....so I decided to just pay attention to my work. Occasionally I would look up, and I would see him glance at me then look back down. I had some trouble on my math assignment I was doing...he could tell. He then asked if I needed help, and I said sure. So he got up and sat in the chair right next to me. I was kind of happy that he got closer. He helped a lot. I got it right away. The bell rang meaning that lunch had ended. So we both got up and packed our things. He offered to walk me to my class. So I said sure. As I got to my class, I thanked him for helping me... He said it was no prob. Then I said I guess I'll talk to you later. And I went to my class and he went to his.

I haven't talked to him or even seen him since.

...should I just give up since he's taken or wait?

>.< '

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  • Boys come in cycles. He will eventually break up with his girlfriend and it's your time to shine;) but until then... A little smile Here and there is nice and encouraged..,, but wait until he's single.

  • thx:)

  • He's taken, d******. Don't bother. Especially if you're not attractive.

  • wtf?

    you didn't need to comment....

  • You asked.

  • You should know, butterface

  • One thing you could always do is just not worry about it.

  • yeahh..

  • double post!

  • what?

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