HELP ASAP! Drug Addiction

I was a meth user for about 12 years. I have been clean for close to 2 years now and am 100% commited to staying that way. I had opened up to my Mom about my problem about 6 years into my addiction, she was the first and only person in my family or anyone close to me that I had ever told or even knew about my 'secret life" that I hated and was very ashamed of. The reason I told her was because of the amount of money I was going through personally and then asking her for help all the time. I was trying my hardest on my own to stop using and really thought I could and I felt that she needed answers for all the shocking changes that had occured in my life in the past 6 years, and I also felt that accountabilty to someone would help me stay clean. It was one of the scariest things I had ever done but ended up being a good decision overall, now she had answers.

Unfortunately I failed to remain clean after only a couple of weeks of telling her. She to this day does not know that I very sadly ended up using for another 6 years.

Having been clean now for 2 years, I need her help financially again. The aftermath of my use and professional recovery costs as well as the everyday expenses of life raising 2 children as a single parent has caught up with me. It is a one time request to her, but if I don't do something I will fall further into debt and bad credit.

My Mom is in her 70's and has alot of inner strength although her emotions are up and down and unstable at times. She handled my confession about drugs well the first time, but after believing I have been clean since then I hate hurting her again about something she has had no idea about and until this point has had no reason to think otherwise about. She easily can and will help me out, but of course will expect an explaination. Should I be 100% honest with her regardless of her age and hurting her even more this time? Or should I tell her some other reason for my request? I know honesty is always the right choice.....but if it will really hurt that person is it worth it?


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  • Thank you. I actualy agree completely.

  • You should not further inconvenience or burden your mother with your requests. You should not have done so before and you must not do so now. As you say: your actions are leading you into bad credit and debt. This is as it should be, it is not punishment but rather the proper consequence of your actions. You will live through this, if you remain clean, and you will rebuild your credit and your life. And if you do not remain clean then you will not live through this, and that, too, is as it should be.

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