I am a secret cuck

I confess I am a cuck. No my wife does not know. She has been living a lie for years with cheating with other men and all these years I have been eating and cleaning her without her thinking I knew. As soon as she gets home I insist on going down on her before she showers or has time to do anything. At first she said no but I insisted so much she gave in sitting there with sweat beading off her forehead. Now days se drops her pants thing I just want to eat her. I enjoy my life and don't think it would be the same if she knew. I had her followed and know the guys she is cheating with and one is a friend. When she is with him I make it a point to show her and explain to her how sweet she taste. I have also started telling my friend what I did last night. Like telling him that when she came home last night that I was so h**** I had to go down on her before she took a shower. Like her at first he was nervous and it was obvious but now when I tell him how wet she was and how good she taste he wants details. No he doesn't know either. Well this may have been boring to some but it is off my chest. When I tell him about it he beams with enjoyment and said he loves to hear about it. She has talked to him as well I take it because when I know he is with my wife and she gets home she is more eager for me to clean her actually s******* up several times and used the words clean her instead of please her. Yes I am a cuck

Oct 23, 2015

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  • Mmm that was hot. post any updates in the future

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