Being bullied and feeling weak..

I was at my cosmetology school and they have students that have to clean restroom or the kitchen and everyone takes turn. I've only been in school for 5 weeks. I need to use the restroom nd I saw two girls with cleaning supply's by the restroom and asked one of them if they had just cleaned it and the girls said yes and if I used it she would fucken kill me. I thought that she was be sarcastic and then I saw the other girl just looking at me oh s***!! The girl that said she would kill me if I used the restroom . I was just shocked because I thought she was just joking and she keep looking at me meanly . I asked so have the other restroom been clean so I could use it. She said there's 2 other fucken bathrooms. I don't kn
ow if I should confront her. I haven't told anyone about what happen till know. I cried once I got home and I feel stupid to let this girl actions get to me when I don't even know her name and this was my first time that I ever talk to her. I litterly feel stupid that I didn't stand up for myself what should I do and sorry for the misspells I'm in a rush to get some answers

Dec 1, 2012

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  • You need to stand up for yourself. If it happens again tell her if she keeps f****** with you not only will you use the bathroom, but you will p*** on EVERYTHING.

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