Mother Oh Mother

Hey there. i am going into high school next year. I tried and tried on those dang placement tests. NO HONORS. i have been in advanced English since 1st grade. I am so upset all i can when people ask if im okay is say the h*** with it. i could care less. SO: i come home from school, and my mom says "i know what WE are gong to do. I signed you up for the appeal." I HAVEN'T EVEN DECIDED THAT I WANTED TO TAKE THE APPEAL! shes like *casually* its a two hour test with vocab, an essay, and YADA-YADA-YDADA. Then i say what if i don't want to take it. Then she started talking about collage and they wont take me if i don't do this. i'm thinking: i'm 13 mom.... i said Its my choice. then she goes"i also signed you up for the social studies appeal test. I thought, why would you do this without talking to me! its my future! why didn't you talk to me!!!!! I am already dissapointed in myself enough. i said nothing. after an awakward minute i said byebye mom. and she goes "my feelings are hurt." i just dont know what to do.........

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  • Don't be h****** yourself. I am a college professor (yes, I really am) and I flunked 9th grade. I had to repeat it. Furthermore, I never took an honors course.

    When you want to study hard it will be a motivation from within and not because you are forced into it. If you start off going to the lousiest little college and do a really good job you could transfer.

    Best wishes to you!

  • Your mom only wants the best for you. She knows what you're capable of doing. Your education is important. You're young, you have no idea how competitive college is these days, especially for a good school. Take the tests, do your best and one day when you're working at a good job in the real world, you can thank her for pushing you so hard.

  • You are very young and it sounds like your mother is putting too much pressure on you. Work on being a nice, honest person people like and respect. But you do need work on your writing. Put some effort into what you write and do the best you can at whatever classes you're in. And don't worry about collage, it's just a collection of stuff randomly placed. See what I mean about that writing?

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