The boss

I want my boss. He's my type, physically and in personality. I want to touch him and smell him and just make his toes curl with pleasure. I don't want to say I feel sorry for him, but he doesn't get the respect or recognition for the things he does. He's a good man and I have a lot of faith in him. But we are both married and it just can't happen. I dream about going on a business trip with him and having a tryst at the hotel. The scary thing is that if he wanted me too, I don't think I could say no. We're happily married to our spouses, but neither of us are satisfied with our s** lives. I've just never been so attracted to anybody before as I am to my little boss with the huge blue eyes!

Feb 18, 2011

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  • I've been in a tryst for twelve years. Very discrete with no intention to hurt either spouse. It has been very rewarding for both parties. Just don't mess in your own fishbowl.

  • If you plan on staying with your husband don't bring it up. Its like being punished for something you haven't even done yet and most likely will not do.

    The previous poster also lost credability when they declared an affair isn't wrong but the person who declares an extramarital affair as being wrong is them selves wrong, that's a total Fail.

  • Talk to your husband. That is what I would do. I know, it sounds horrible. To admit that you are sexually attracted to someone else. But it is better than 6 months later being caught in a bed with your boss. Many, and I mean many people want to or have affairs. To many they just picked who to marry too early. I'm not saying that you must stay moral, and be with your husband, but you have to at least tell him your not satisfied. Whether you want to leave him or not is your issue, I can't decide for you. Couples do have open relationships, in which the spouses stay with each other but can have affairs that are not taboo. It works for many, and may work for you two. If your husband doesn't want that, you can leave him. But remember, to an extent, what do you want more, an affair, or a relationship. Neither are wrong answers and any man/women who says one or the other is is wrong. You need to be happy. If you haven't already, try working with your husband about improving your s** relationship. The way that you write about him sounds like you really care about him, and if you do, you may not want to confuse him. Bringing the temptation of affair, whether followed through or not, can wreck many a marriages. Do whats best for you and him. But think about everyone this affects, including his wife. Your in a scary predicament here, but talk to your husband, and boss if you need to, to get through this, because I think (And can only hope) that they have the best in mind for you.

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