Thinking of leaving my wife

I know this is chicken s*** of me....I'm just bored being married after 10 years. We have two kids, , no real problems. Even though she's put on weight, I'm still attracted to her. I've just met other women I also want to be with. It would hurt her and my sons so much, not to mention our entire families. But I've grown close to two other women. I feel like I'm choosing between the three of them. One of these women and I have become practically best friends, and my wife has no idea who she is. We fooled around once and I stopped it before it went too far but now I regret that. All she has to do is check my cell phone records to see how much we call and text. I feel like I'm in such a deep hole at this point and there's no way out.

I can do the right thing and stay bored and keep looking for other women, or I can leave and play the field for awhile but miss my family. Anyone else been in this situation and been happier after they left than stayed?


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  • I think you should think about the pros and cons
    Noone telling you they love you at night
    Your sons Relationship with you
    The fact that you could end up all alone
    The fact that you might have to watch another man play daddy to your sons and give your wife the love she needs.
    Would it be worth it to slam a couple of woman?

    Maybe it is too you ? You'll know what's right.

  • Relationships are hard. And things can get boring and stale. Which means you have to make even more of an effort. You're already taking a chance of s******* everything you have by being in contact with those women. End all contact now. You think you're going to be happy playing the field? Dating is hard. And not all the 20 year-olds want to date old men. It may be great for 3 months and then it will get really old and depressing and you'll long for the stability of a marriage. And you have kids, how could you consider putting them through that? It's one thing if you're marriage was crumbling, but it sounds like this is you and you're being really selfish. Do you think you're wife is all that happy with you? You don't think she wants to find some hot young stud, who has hair.. I'm just saying. Women have needs too. Why don't you make time for each other and try to work on your marriage instead of looking elsewhere.

  • I appreciate the feedback. In all seriousness, I'm in my 30s and I'm after women ranging from 20s to 40s. I'm in good shape and lately these other women have been paying more attention to me than my wife does. I may be just a man, but I have needs too. And I have a full head of hair too, btw.

  • I know I may only be 21 and you may not want to listen to what I say, but in the end you need to do what makes you happy. Staying in a relationship that isn't making you happy will hurt you and your family in the end. Since you've already fooled around with another women maybe it's time to be honest about everything.

  • I have been in a similar situation and I left the marriage. I have a son. It has been a hard road. I often regret my decision to leave. It took so much work to end my old relationship, tell our families, introduce my son to my boyfriend, get my son to feel comfortable with my new boyfriend (2 years), get my ex-husband to feel comfortable with my new boyfriend. I find myself rehearsing how I would have said it if I had been up front with him: "Look,I'm so dissatisfied with our relationship at this point that I'm interested in other men and I am disgusted with you. We need to try out some major changes at this point or I won't be able to be in this relationship anymore. Even if we make some changes, I still might not be able to stay with you. I just want you to know where I stand." Of course, your thoughts might not sound exactly like that. It's hard to be radically honest with your partner and it can be even harder when you feel ashamed of your actions. I'm sure your wife can't be feeling very fulfilled lately either. It might be a relief for her to be able to address the serious problems that you two are facing. It might be an opportunity to agree to separate also. Whether you stay together or separate, the more up front you are, the better you and everyone involved will feel. Whatever you do, it will be very difficult and you have to do something because you cannot allow this problem to continue, right? Good luck.

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