Please read this!!

So to put this simply, I was bored so I went to watch p*** because that's apparently what I do when I'm bored, and after I left the site I got a thing saying I had a virus, I got an app to remove the virus and it worked I think.

So, I'm never going to a p*** site ever again! I'm not against watching p***, but I advise you not to in case you get into a similar situation to me!! This literally scared the s*** out of me, and I'm so glad the situation was over within just a few minutes. Goodnight, and have a good night/day



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  • Uh, welcome to the internet. Some sites are skeevier than others.

  • You may 'think' you got rid of it but that may not be entirely accurate. It's happened to me before and I 'thought' I had got rid of it. Later on my machine was acting a bit off for no obvious reasons. I had my I.T. guy look at it and found some bad stuff hiding real well. The infection literally moved around and in the end the best thing to do was to wipe the machine clean and start over.

    Im sure there are some tech guys in here that can explain things better than I.

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