Why did I do it

I was at my friends 20th birthday party last night and I don't know how it happened but after the party i was sleeping on the sofa and somehow i ended up having s** with her 40 year old brother in law TWICE on her sofa and I feel so f****** dumb for doing it even though I was drunk at the time.

But it gets worse I asked him not to tell her about it and he agreed but then today he keeps trying to kiss me and stuff while at their house and touching me under the table at dinner and smiles and saying stuff like we might have made a baby and all i can think is

I'm only 18 I can't have a child I definatly will take the pill but.I'm such a s**** for doing that and I dont even know why I did it

Feb 20, 2011

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  • A guy with 16 children was interviewed and asked what his reason was for having so many children? His reply was his wife's deafness.See, I stay up watching tv till late, wife's in bed asleep and when I crawl in beside her, I as if she wants to sleep or what and replies whaaat? Sound familiar?

  • Hilarious. No seriously, I am laughing just SO HARD right now. Really.

  • You better go on the pill because once a s*** always a s***

  • interesting that nobody mentioned what a piece of s*** the dude is.

  • what has happened to is one thing most of us faces in our life stay ground and tell him what happened that night was a mistake and you regret about it make him understand that you not will to do such in future.

  • you got drunk, but it's not your fault. he is being a douche for not respecting your wishes to forget that nite.

  • its not really your fault alcohol messes up your mind and thoughts ive only been drunk once and woke up in some guys bed who was like 21, without pants on. and i was only 16 at the time, that was last year. that doesnt make you a s**** at all, dont pull yourself down bc of this keep your head held high!

  • Ah, you got drunk and slept with someone and now regret it. Not exactly s**** material. That's a fairly common think and it happens to the best of us. Dealing with the consequences can be easy or extremely hard. Here's hoping it's easy for you.

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