Shall i do it again?

Im confessing on here because i did something a few years ago, something so bad i have never uttered a word to anyone about, so started years ago in the world bebo and myspace, connected and talked to the black guy about s** and even swapped some pics back in the days of msn, we tallked alot of s**, always got me h****, anyway i was just at the beginning of my relationship back then and 2years ago i attemped to go on an old email account and noticed i had a mail from him like over a year old, replyed just because and next day he replyed, he attemped to add me on fb but i didnt as i told him i had a bf, we then chatted again both us older now and soon s** came up, i stopped it as i knew i was enjoying it too much, so few weeks past and i messages him again after me n my bf had a big fight, my bf was upstairs asleep and we spoke s** again n then i sent him my face pic, i remember his reply as he said my face would look better with his black d*** rubbing agaist it, i sent him a body pic and i know im now skinny, in my eyes i have an adverage body with abit of a tummy and a few love handles, he asked my fantasy as as more and more h**** it went from getting f***** by black d***, to having a two black d**** in me followed buy 3, he told me in story form what would happen if he and his mates would come round mine and f***** me, i stayed up till 2am getting myself off on his story till before i knew it i was arranging him and his mates to come round the next day, they lived 2hours away, before i went to bed he had shown pic me to his mates n told me to expect them 10.30am and i was to dress like a slutty white w**** for them!
next day bf went to work and didnt speak to me, the guys arrived early and i opened the door dressed as slutty as i could, so nervious and scares but dead keen, they were real dark black and dead fit, the curtains were drawn and it olayed out just as i was told the night before, a guy on each my nipples and another going down on me, they pealed my clothes off and left on my fishnets and boots, they covered my face with their black c****, tasting their c**** was amazing, i had only sucked 1 other d*** before and that was my bfs, they laided me down on the couch and began f****** me, one at a time to start with them more and more, wankingn sucking c**** as one f***** me, no condoms were used as they insisted if i went black i should go proper black, now i had never dome a*** s** before and i had let my bf finger go up there, and a vibator few times in the past but never his d***, as the f****** moved on i took all 3 them inside my body at same time, one under me, one behind me and one in my mouth i was groaning loud as they destroyed me on the leather sofa in my living room! i had the most powerfull o****** i had ever while doing that, and they didnt stop! they just kept f****** me until they all came close and covered my face in their sticky s****! i lay their catching my breathe and couldnt even walk after, i thought that was it but they asked when my bf was home and seeing as it was only midday they popped out for some snacks and hour later they were f****** me again, this time in my bed, my bf bed! i took all 3 again, and then the house phone rang, it was my bf, he had tryes my fone loads and got no reply so he left a voicemail on the answer machine, we all frooze as we heard his apology through the house and there was me listening with 3 black d**** in me, they paused n looked at me, i just grunted at them "come on then f*** me you dirty n******" well the f****** got even more intence after that, they took it out in me and then insisted they filled my p**** with their s****, 5 times i felt my p**** get filled, they didnt even ask if i was on the pill, last time i watched as it flowed out onto the bedspread, i came a totel 4 times that day, all while taking at least two d**** in my body, bf got home an hour after they left and we anuggled up on the sofa to watch a film after tea, same sofa i got f***** on! didnt hear from the guy for ages until 3days ago, he wanted to know if i want another session, i honestly dont know real temped! not sure though, what do u all think?

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  • I'm a white guy and twenty-five years ago I got our housemaid pregnant and I had to pay child support for eighteen years. I'm white, the maid is black and our child is mixed.

  • Well luckly i have the inplant so no babies for me

  • That is a hot story. Give us a more detail about sucking the c****. Did you gag, were they forceful in a good way?

  • Well that was the first time. the 2nd was only a 4 days ago, both times i did gag alot, everytime i sucked their c**** i was always very vocal and i inly give sloppy b******* so there was spit and precum everywhere very sloppy, forcefull in a good way? i called it, them f****** my mouth, because at times i just had to open my mouth n remember to breathe when i could

  • I gave myself to our gardner in my home and now I am constantly being taken by him and a few others. It all started just with him but things got outta hand and it didn't take long till it was a 3 some and a 4 some now it's a 5 some and I am the only girl. I am 19 and married but for only 7 months and my husband and I don't have s** all that often sure isn't like when we were going together.
    When Jessy comes into my home I can't say no to him for he pleases me beyond words but it is for s** only and I know this.
    Yesterday however I was right in the middle of three guys and in walked my husband and he just stood there watching not saying a word and the guys all c** in me and the one that was f****** my mouth made me gag for he went right down my throat as he was c** ming. When they finished with me they got dressed and left and my husband came over to me still laying on the bed with c** flowing out of my puss and ass and gave me one h*** of a kiss and said to me " that was the sexiest thing he's ever seen and said if I want to do it again go ahead" I couldn't believe my ears that he said that to me it was like he was giving me permission to have s** with other as much as I wanted.

  • Im glad im not the only girl out there that enjoys the company of many men, unfortanitly i doubt my bf would be as understanding as your partner

  • Kill yourself you cheating w****. your boyfriend deserves better than scum like you.

  • Charming

  • Ok so guys? i have a chance to do it again, bank holiday monday my bf is working away, and i have the house all to myself, i have been speaking to the origanal guy and he wants to come visit me again, he said its my choice, hes offered just himself, or him and the same two guys who f***** me before, OR him, the two others AND two others!! that be 5 black guys! i dont know which i should do?

    also if i do, any surgestions on what i should wear, he wants me to dress slutty again and wants me to dress even more like a w****

    and anything else you guys think i should do or try to make this more amazing?

  • Or was it the thrill of doing it in your own home?

  • Ot was a huge thrill, layed on the sofa that evening with my bf knowing what happened earlyer that day on the same sofa

  • So what do you want? to f*** that black guy again? or to get f***** by more than one black guy?

  • Always had a fantasy of having s** with a black guy, and when i had my chance along with two more i grabbed it, and with more than one i felt at their mercy and loved it, they destroyed me like they owned me, and in my own home aswell, so yea i think i do want the same as before but i want it better, dirtyer and even more filthy!

  • I would bet if he got more black friends round you would be so hot that your p**** would be dripping down your legs with your own juices. I would love to see my girlfriend get owned like that. We had chats with a guy who wanted to rape her which she was hot for, then he said he would bring a friend. Both of them where big cocked. Nothing happened yet.

  • You're some kind of stupid alien. Look, no girl is up for rape. If she is, then it isn't rape. Besides, it's much more desirable & arousing when a man simply overpowers the gal and takes her for penetration & his pleasure. It's more pleasing when the woman by nature, has no choice in the matter but to submit or suffer pain until she submits. That's the real world fool.

  • Well iv have my offer just need to decided what i want, read my lasted comment

  • How did you find your first double pen? was it tight? obviously you enjoyed it as it didnt stop, did it effect your s** life with your bf after?

  • At the start is was weird, felt like i was really full, was slighly uncomfitable but soon as the pumping began and they two d**** got in sync it felt amazing, yea i loved it, repeated it loads with bf and d**** but was never the same

  • It never will be until you go do it again!

  • Was the enjoyment from them being black? was race the issue that turned u on? or was it that you had 3 men having s** with you at the same time?

  • BOTH!! i loved the black skin its such a taboo, watching in the mirror was amazing, my white covered inside and out with their black skin, yes also have three men i didnt know have their way with me, my body obviously keeping them rock hard to use on me, i felt helpless but empowered at same time

  • You went black big time! not just one but 3 blacks? wer their c**** bigger than your bfs? how old were all of you at the time?

  • Two were rougly same size just abit fatter and the third was bigger yes, i was 22 at time and the guy i spoke to was 31 dont really know the other twos age

  • Did u even know their names?

  • No, they told me but soon as i saw their c**** i forgot lol

  • Can u remember what they even looked like or is it just the c****?

  • Well i did pretty much have at least one the c**** in my fave most of them time!!!

  • From what u wrote, its sounds like you really enjoyed yourself? did you have any fav moments of it all?

  • Yes i really did, first time in the living room my fav part was when i first took all 3 of them on the leather sofa, there is a big mirror opersite and i could see all of them on me, such a turn on! the other beat part was when i was laying on the bed while they all took turns cuming inside me, feeling so wet and sloppy down there, looking down after the last guy and seeing a pool of c** pouring out of me

  • Damn I would have liked you to organic baby.

  • What?

  • What were u thinking during these moments?

  • Watching myself get destroyed all i could this was " i cant belive this is happening, i cant believe i am and can do this," and it looked so hot.

  • And the other?

  • What went they all came inside me?

  • Yea tell us about that?

  • Well the f***** me alot on the bed and for longer, when it got to the first guy cuming i was taking two in me at the time and the guy in my p**** came, as he got off the guy under me moved away and he asked if i wanted a cocktail creampie, i ask what? he said we will fill your c*** with c** one after another? i was well up for it and then they began, already had one load in me so i was on my back legs in the air as the other two f***** me till they both came in me, i thought that was it but then the first guy entered me again as i sucked the other two clean and hard again, by then i had the forth load in me, one the others was easy and he got hard and he then slid his d*** back into me, it was then it startes pouring out of me as he f***** me, we stoped so i could see but the last guy climbed on top me and pushed my b**** together over his d*** wanked his c*** with them until he came ober my b**** leaving me with the guy i origanly talking to f****** my c** soaked p**** till he pulled half out and shot his loads over my p****

  • Does ur P**** look like a garage or an aircraft

  • Lol straight after and for a while i was rather loose yes they stretched me out alot, but im nice n tight again now

  • You loved it?

  • Sounds like u didnt have much confedence in your body? what sizes are you?

  • I dont really, was really nervious but the nerves vanished after they had their hands and tongues all over me, im not skinney, im a size 12-14 waist 34cc chest adverage hight although was higher in the boots i was wearing, shoulder lengh jet black hair

  • Did u focus on your size when u watched yourself in the mirror getting f*****?

  • No just got off on it

  • Please tell me about your slutty outfit?

  • Ok didnt really own anything real slutty but i did have a few bits i put together, so i wore white tank top and love hearts bra, they came off pretty fast, short denim skirt i hadnt worn since my teens, that stayed on while i was sucking c****, shiney topped hold up fishnet holdups stockings and pair leather boots, they stayed on all day, tryed to take my boots off after first f*** but i was so hot and sweaty they were stuck on

  • How did the guys react to your outfit? how did u have your hair? any slutty make up?

  • Hair was in a pony tail as i knew is be sucking c*** alot, had some big gold hoop earings in and way too much makeup, had panda eyes after, my make up was ruined after they all came on my face

  • Tell us how they came on you pretty face?

  • Well the guy sorta stopped f****** me as they were all very close, i was slouched on the sofa with my head halfway down the back the sofa, two guys kneeling/standing on the sofa wanking in my face, i stuck my tongue out opened my mouth wide as both shot over my face within seconds, i remember the warm sticky feel of each blast hittting my face, once they were done the third climbed up and he came on my fave too, was alot of c**

  • You enjoy it?

  • Yea i really did! felt like a totle s*** but was loving it

  • Wat was state the sofa? didnt leave any dry c** for your bf to find? wat bout bedspead?

  • Oh the sofa had s**** splashs all over it, had to use the wet wipes to clear that up, as for my bedding, it all went straight in the wash, there was some sticky damp patch but it was on my side the bed

  • Dirty girl! something tells me your a girl nobody would expect to do something like that?

  • Haha no your righg, my friends sometime take the mickey about me having only alept with one man, they are wrong!

  • Big time, you handled three big black c**** at same time!

  • I am a married white women that enjoys bbc several times a month. Its OMG good but the one thing I never do is have s** in my own bed. Are you crazy your going to get caught. Look if you love the bf and need bbc find a hotel.

  • It happend a few years ago and i havent repeated it since, just now hes messaging me again i kinda really want to, you think its best for a hotel? what else should i think off if i do go ahead with it?

  • Your a w****

  • Thanks for that

  • That's ok w****

  • Mmmmm I think you need that black c*** in you.

  • I thibk i do too

  • Tell us more it sounded so hot lol I would like to come over as well and enjoy you

  • I would love to contact you . You sound just likes girl I want do you have an email or something?

  • What do u want me to tell you? what do you want to know?

  • Think

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