Too many chicks

I've been married over 10 years but continue chasing other women....used to be older women, now younger. Thing is I have no problems with my wife, we get along great and I'm still attracted to her even though she's put on a lot of weight.

Anyone ever leave his or her spouse for no reason other than to start sleeping around? I know it would hurt my wife and our kids immensely but my parents divorced when I was young and I got over it. Think I'll regret it? I don't want to cheat on her but I've had several opportunities and it's getting tougher and tougher to be a good boy....I need to hear from someone who's been in my situation before.

Feb 20, 2011

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  • I think you're going through some mid-life crisis. You need to figure out what's missing in your life, before you make the biggest mistake of your life and leave your wife and children for meaningless fling. Don't think the grass is always greener. Why don't you add some spice into your life now with your wife - reconnect with her.

  • never leave the one you love for the one you like.

  • I was in the same situation about 3 years ago, I broke up with my wife just so I could sleep around as I found I couldn't stop the urge anymore I loved my wife very much and it did hurt her deeply however after a year the novelty wore off and I realized what I threw away, I had a loving wife and a great family and I destroyed it all cause I wanted to feel freedom again, about a year after we divorced I was begging my wife to take me back but she wouldn't, trust me mate it ain't worth loosing your soulmate best friend and family over. If i could do it again I would never have left my wife it just wasnt worth it. Now im miserable living on my own in an apartment my wife hates me my kids won't talk to me my life is pretty much over. Stay with your wife that's my advice

  • Thanks for the advice. Sorry you're going through that. I'm sure things will get better eventually. But think about it. You stopped the "urge" by doing what you did. I still have that urge and I can't get rid of it. Maybe it will fade one day, I don't know. -OP

  • The urge fades for sure I think you just need to sum up what means more to you.

  • Have you considered maybe sleeping with other women, but making it a thing that you and your wife do together? Would your wife maybe be into the idea of threesomes with other women?

  • wonderful idea, but no she wouldn't be into that. I've brought it up before. Thanks anyway

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