Im so sorry lord

I kno it sounds rediculous but im 13 and i have hit myself slapped my self everytime i look myself in the mirror i want to kill myself when i see my reflection i slap my self and punch my belly i starved my self for 4 days and i want to do it again i have done everything at this momment in time to change my apperiance but nothing helps i dont feel bad for anyhing im a good friend and i havnt done anything with a boy i am a good catholic and i just hope that the lord can forgive me for trying to take away the life he gave me god i am soo sorry x

Feb 21, 2011

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  • As this post is over 7 years old, I wonder if you died from anorexia or went on to pass the disease of Catholicism onto your kids ?

  • Hopefully she's dead. There are way too many mentally unstable religious people as it is.

  • When i was your age, i was going through alot and hating the life God gave me. I asked for forgiveness, cried my eyes out, and actually got on my knees beside my bed and prayed. It felt so good! He will forgive you and help you to move on(:

  • God forgave you before you even apologized. You only see your flaws. He sees enough goodness in you to love you perfectly and eternally. And He's a bit smarter than you, so trust his judgement.

  • You are easily forgiven.

  • Stop worrying about weight. Worry about grades and having fun. Your just starting to go through puberty and until that whacks you in the face, relax.

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