Pushing people away

I pushed away one of my best friends and in doing so aliented myself from all my other friends because he had admitted that he was in love with me.
I was a b**** to him for weeks afterwards, months even. I can't look at him, I pretend I don't see him when he walks past because I know I was out of order.
All my friends have ditched me saying I much be a really horrible person to have done this to him and that I could have let him down nicely and carried on being friends.
I couldn't. Thats not how its supposed to be.
I've become so used to falling in love with guys who will never love me back.

It scared me more than anything else knowing that there was someone out there who loved me, I just had to find some way of returning to normal.

And now I'm alone.

Feb 26, 2011

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