An array of colors so vast and ever-changing
like the stars and galaxies in the infinite sky above.
these feelings churn, swirl, and collide
seeking an outlet, no longer wanting to stay inside.

my heartbeat echoes within my ears
drowning out the sounds surrounding me.
a cold, chilling wind brushes my cheek
as i tilt my face towards the sky.

a tear rolls down my cheek
as i press the cold steel against my skin.
a shallow sigh and a flick of the wrist
a calming darkness embraces me.

lying back, i no longer cry
sweet death, come claim your prize.
a worthless bauble within your scheme
i curse my life; waking from this dream.



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  • Wow! This was posted almost 10 years ago, but I do hope the author is still around. Suicide is a bad thing. Just like it was mentioned by these two, I guess we can call them adults but they're probably just kids typing at the keyboard, people.

    Sometimes people don't realize that writing a poem might be the way someone expresses their feelings. Sometimes people can't verbalize their feelings towards their family or friends, so they type a poem out on the internet. at least they're getting their feelings out there. At least they're not bottling things up. Some people have to be complete d****, or a*******, or just somebody that feels the urge to call somebody else a waste of space. They don't know how to express their feelings any other way than bullying somebody else. It might just be because they have a small p**** and they're upset about it, so they have to make fun of others, or bully someone else when they're trying to express their true feelings about something.

    I certainly do hope the best for these two people that posted on your poem sir or madam. I hope that they learn to grow up. I hope that life treats them fairly. I do wish nothing but the best for you, poster, and for you too as well commenters. Everybody needs to step back, take a look at themselves in the mirror, and then try again. Stop being keyboard warriors, stop making fun of people, stop calling people wastes, and you yourselves go read a book.

  • Another suicide post. Suicide isn't some romantic poem, some nobel exit. It is selfish and, most of all, painful to the people who are left to suffer and wonder why. Why couldn't this young person see how insignificant their problems and transitory their pain really was?

  • Who cares. They probably didn't actually kill themselves, btw. And if they did, one less emo using up resources, so whatevs

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