An array of colors so vast and ever-changing
like the stars and galaxies in the infinite sky above.
these feelings churn, swirl, and collide
seeking an outlet, no longer wanting to stay inside.

my heartbeat echoes within my ears
drowning out the sounds surrounding me.
a cold, chilling wind brushes my cheek
as i tilt my face towards the sky.

a tear rolls down my cheek
as i press the cold steel against my skin.
a shallow sigh and a flick of the wrist
a calming darkness embraces me.

lying back, i no longer cry
sweet death, come claim your prize.
a worthless bauble within your scheme
i curse my life; waking from this dream.


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  • Another suicide post. Suicide isn't some romantic poem, some nobel exit. It is selfish and, most of all, painful to the people who are left to suffer and wonder why. Why couldn't this young person see how insignificant their problems and transitory their pain really was?

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