16 year old female molest 30 year old male?

So I had a work related accident, injured my face pretty badly right cheek bone broke and pushed inward on sinus cavity and was causing major problems and pain, Wife and I talk to doctor, he said we had to have surgery and take out 2 inches of cheek bone and a balloon type thing in my sinus, I would be out of if for a week and in major pain but could recoup at home. We had to buy a lazyboy chair, bc I wouldn't be allowed to bend over or lay flat for 10 days. Ok so that is that.

Wifes sister, my younger ( 16 year old ) sister in law lives 2 hours away with her parents and is always here atleast once a month to stay a few days and hang out with her sister, enjoy the freedoms of not being around her parents and what not and we enjoy having her! She's almost like a 3rd child to us ( we have 2 kids ). So she comes to help watch the kids and help my wife take care of me after the surgery.
The kids stay with the grandparents the first 2 days home. Surgery Gos well, I remember nothing. Stone cold out of it for most the time, but I keep remembering tiny little details... Like being loaded into the our SUV, my wife and brother carrying me into the house, We live 40 mins from town, we live in Texas, and I remember my wife saying she forgot to get my pain pills from the pharmacy and was upset. Said she would run to town and would be back in 2 hours. Next I remember is a slight bumping, a few thuds, hearing some noises and feeling something super strange ( keep in mind I am FRESH out of the hospital and completey numb to everything at this point ) I remember opening one eye, being in so much pain I almost felt like dieing, but I caught a glimps of something... What did I see? What was it? Was it real? Was it the drugs? Good God idk. My 16 year old sister in law on the floor with her pants off fingering herself with my sweatpants down a little, sucking on a lip/ half chub c***, my c***. I have never had fantasies about her, I am not a perv. So idk what to think. But for the last 3 months all I can wonder is if it was real. I have avoided her at al cost. I am not hurt by it. I just though she was a better person than that. Even if it was real. I would forgive her. I wouldn't even rat her out.
no I am not a troll people. I smashed my face in the middle of a crane operation on a wind turbine.

Mar 20, 2015

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  • Just put yourself in a situation where she thinks your out of it again, and no one is around. That will answer if it was real or not, bc most behaviors are repetitive.

  • U should try to fck her man .. we all hope for a chance like this

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