I'm depressed and I'm afraid I'm going to kill myself. I don't want to die, but I'm afraid that my depression will only get worse and I'll end up offing myself THINKING it's my only way out.

I'm on medication and in counseling. Things are obviously not going well.

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  • The very best advice I could give to anyone, have any type of problem is the following. Cry out to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through His obedience He suffered and experienced all of our sins all at once. Laid His life down, and 3 days later, He picked it back up as our risen messiah. The Lamb of God, the final sacrifice, since He experienced that separation from God before laying His life down for all our sins to be washed clean before God. You are never alone, and Jesus will always understand what You are going through. With an honest and open heart, truly wanting Him to come into Your Life and make You a new creation. Ask, He will answer.

  • Christianity's been around for thousands of years and the world is still a shitbowl, so save your godbothering for someone who will listen

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