Failing and worthless

I'm failing in college. Again.
I'm behind in almost all of my classes.

I can't keep up in calculus. The work is so above my head. I come every day and try, and I'm still making Ds on tests. I got excited when I made a 67 on one because it was close to a C.

I am failing Stellar Astronomy with a D as well. I don't understand the homework online and wait until the day before class to do it so I can't even ask the teacher about the questions until it's too late.
I just took a test in there and didn't know it was that day, so I've probably failed it.
The last test I took in there I studied intensely for and only made a 77.

I didn't even go to my astronomy lab last week. I forgot about it entirely.So that was an instant zero.

I feel lost in my own inadequacy at school. I feel worthless. I know it's all my fault.
I know there has to be some way I can try harder
But for right now I'm failing

And no one knows. I tell my family and friends that I'm doing good. That I get upset when I get a C. They don't know what's really happening. I wish I could tell them....

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  • You need to increase your organizational skills first of all. Get a calendar book. They are cheap. Write down all important appointments, tests, labs, etc. This will come easy after a while and you will enjoy being organized. Do this even if you take a break for a term. You cannot afford to be missing labs, and other important appointments.
    It also sounds like you are not taking courses in the right field if you are so overwhelmed. Perhaps a change in your major is in line. Talk to your advisor/counselor.

  • I am having the same problem. I wish people would stop asking me how school's going. I want to tell people that is sucks and that I haven't slept in a week and that there's something due every single day. But everyone expects so much of me, it's too hard to let everyone down.

  • The more you freak out, the worse its going to get. So take a deep breath, trust in your intelligence (you must be smart, they let you into school in the first place), and figure out where you should go from here. Are you just having trouble adjusting to college? Is this the wrong major for you? Do you need a lighter course load? Do you need a semester off? Do you need to leave school for longer, maybe work until you figure things out?

    You are not a failure, but if contiune to think this way you will become a self-fufilling prophecy. There is no shame in taking a step back and saying "This isn't right, I am going to do X instead." Your family may be unhappy initially, but you are the only one who has to live with your decisions. So make the right one for you.

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