Love my ex

Im currently in a commited relationship with a nice guy.met his parents and al Of that.MY Father passed away of cancer a year ago and my boyfriend has been very supportive & loving. i was in a relationship before this one and that guy,lets call him 'b******':) dumped me for another girl and eventually came back to apologise for hurting me.he never asked me back.we lost touch aand eventually i met my current bf. recently got back in touch with b****** & we had s** maybe 4 times. m still so much in love with this b****** though the s** is much better with my curent bf id rather do it with that b******. b****** still doesnt treat me that well(obviously).i feel so cheap n miserable.but i dont love my current bf!m wid him cos m scared to be alone but at the same time i dont really want b****** back!shud i jus dump both of them:(

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  • I agree with the 2nd Anonymous in that you owe it to yourself and everyone around you to be honest. Even if you do still love the "b******", you are not showing it by being in another relationship.

    I wonder why you are pushing away your current boyfriend who you know is reliable for someone who treats you less than desirable?

    Is that what you really want out of life?

    You know you deserve better and besides everyone knows that guys do not change so you might as well stick with the good guy.

  • B****** Rocks !

  • l**** ^^^^ haah you're funny.

  • Kill yourself
    Girls like you b**** about no nice guys being around and then do stuff like this... I'm not entirely kidding about the killing yourself part.

  • Why don't you go kill yourself, a******. Obviously you're not a nice guy, so if a girl every treated you like crap, you probably deserved it. You don't know her or if she ever complained about "no nice guys being around," so for you to say "girls like you" makes you a complete b****** who should be punched in the mouth and kicked in the b****.

  • Its unfair for your current boyfriend. Its either you tell him the truth and "get back" with b****** or stay with him and leave b******. Your call, who is better for your health? (i'd say your current boyfriend cause he gives better s**)

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