My boyfriend's best friend.

I am attracted to my boyfriend's best friend. He's not really that cute, he's a little more country than the guys I usually go for, and he likes Metallica (huge demerit). You know why I am attracted to him?

1. He's a smart blue-collar worker. He works on machines by day and reads books on history by night. The combination of brains and brawn is extremely exciting.

2. Watching him roll a blunt is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. He can roll a blunt sober, stoned, or drunk. He can roll a blunt while driving a car. He can roll a blunt in under 5 minutes. And his blunts are magnificent. Firm (yet yielding), huge, and slow-burning. He completes every step of the process deftly and nonchalantly. His fingers are so nimble. It turns me on more than anything ever has...more than any kiss, any grope, any foreplay, anything.

My boyfriend told me that this guy asked for my number before my boyfriend and I decided to start dating. Finding this fact out has intensified my attraction. But this guy is respectful, loyal, and honest. Therefore, he is unwilling to betray his friend (my boyfriend). And I love my boyfriend.

I have decided to post this so that it's not eating me alive anymore.

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  • F*** u w**** metallica f****** rulz!

  • You're either going to have be satisfied with the thrill off watching him roll a blunt or you're going to have to betray your boyfriend. It sounds like you're heading for option 2. Once opportunity presents itself both of you will say "f*** 'ol boyfriend" and he'll be rolling your nipples between his nimble fingers and soon after that fingering you expertly. It's coming girl, stop denying it.

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