Sick of my fiance's Ex

I am so sick of my fiance's ex. They were never married but they have two kids together. Everytime we go and do something she always tries to get in our way and rouin it. When we took the boys to Disney for a week she got pregnant to a guy she lived with for 4 months. Now they will have 5 kids in the house. She doesn't take care of the 4 that are there now! I can't take being a teacher I hate seeing the kids live the way she does - she doesn't even care about the kids. She just wants the child support money to live off of. My fiance and I got engaged when we went to Disney, and our wedding is in December. She is now engaged. I sware she's going to get married before we have the opportunity to. She just likes to one up us. My fiance said, "I wonder if they make wedding dresses for pregnant people." ha. I just hope when we go fight for a custody agreement we get the kids more than she does. She was making smart comments to my fiance who bought me a beautiful diamond rock that my engagement ring must have cost a fortune...his comment was i heard babies don't come cheap these days! What a jealous pregnant b****.

Mar 30, 2011

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