No one knows

So I met my second wife about 6 years ago, I had just got out of a bad relationship and this girl took care of herself. Everything was going great sexually between the two of us, she loved to suck d*** and I could tell she was a bit of a take charge female.
So this went on for the better part of 4 years. And as anyone knows when s** gets repetitive, s** gets boring. So one night while she was going down on me she started to rub her finger on my b*******, I of course clinched my butt together and she told me to relax and let her handle it. She stuck her finger in her mouth, then pulled it outshe put it inbetween my cheeks and pushed it in.... I immediately came all over the place...
Now fast forward to the present. S** for us now is an event that we have to plan for. I have to shower and clean in between. Get the towel out, drag out the toy box and the gigantic strap on! The only thing we haven't tried is bondage which I would love to explore.. Anyway, yall all the only ones who know about this...

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