What's the point of being in a relationship

If there are so many ways to cheat? I'm tired of worrying over whether or not the person I am with will cheat on me. I'm tired of hearing/seeing stories about even the most devoted couples cheating on each other.

I wish I could just detach from the entire concept of being loyal, devoted, and yes, a bit possessive too ( especially being possessive! )

I have a fragile heart. I don't want it to be broken. :(

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  • It's not the fact that they want to cheat, sometimes we just can't help who comes into are life, and unintentionally some people can't help who they are attractive to. But that's where self control comes in. I guess we our all human, after all it could be nature of the beast. That's the awful part of life.

  • No matter what you may see or hear, not everyone cheats on the spouse.

  • All you have to do is meet a non-cheater and all will be good. Most people do not cheat on their mates anyway. If you cannot trust someone to be true to you, maybe staying single is the way to save yourself unwanted grief.

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