I am very young (teens) and just broken up with my boyfirend that i have been dating about 5 mounths,, he was very protective and thats why i finished him. ii told him it was becuase ii just wanted to be single. me and my ex were very serious, talking about marrage, everyone knew us as 'the couple' , my arents and his wanted us to marry and we had even had s**!

when i finished with him two days after i went round a friends house (who happens to be a guy) and we kissed, not only did we kiss but he liked me out, fingerd me, i tossed him off and gave him head..

this is where things get messed up,, i had told this guy to keep everything a secret so this other boy i liked wouldnt find out. so the next week i started to date this other guy.. and now the word is out about 'that night' however i got the boy to deny evrything but the kiss and move on. the guy i was currently dating decided to leave me for that reason and for some reason ii was okay with that.. because in the back of my mined ii was still madly in love with my ex.

i know my ex still loves me and i dont know what to do, when he found out about the kiss e was heart broken and i dont wanna ruin everything else becuase of that thoughtless night. ii do believe i love him and he knows that but ii have to tell him the truth before he finds out for himself.. i want to spend the rest of my life with him...

how can i tell him,, need answers before going to school tomorra when people are going to ask ... tell him when?? help please

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  • I want to know you if u r very young and like getting finger f*****, licked and sucking c***, p**** too yung for hair?

  • You should hate yourself a whole lot more yet!

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