Love hurts

Dear you,
every since we meet i think im starting to fall in love with you,but the fact that you keep talking about others girls when u know i love you is not cool,im feel that half my heart is missing when i see you,i want to cry when we start talking to each other but i dont,i try to be strong just so that no one will see me in pain,and its all your fault.. i love you more than anyone, but i guess you cant see that(i know this isnt really a sercet but i have to get it out) i wish that someday you will relize i have been waiting for you and have been there when you got hurt. just like you were there for me. i cant belive you like her and that made me cry so hard but you couldnt see it... and now i have to see you everyday this is not far

forever lost without you

Next Confession

He Lied.

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  • YOu are only lost until you decide to stop being lost. Give up on this, it isn't working. Look for something better and it will probably happen.

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