- I'm in a Catholic family but I'm the only one who's Agnostic. Inside my family, only my two sisters know about it.

- I go to a private Catholic school.

- I'm a girl. But I sometimes wish I could be a guy, so I could be gay.

- I'm bi.

- I live in a city in which society hates people who stray from the norm.

- I watch gay p***.

- I'm probably an erotophiliac and an erotomaniac.

- I'm much too open concerning sexuality for my age.

- I'd dream of incest, but not with immediate family.
I've been in relationships with a few cousins here and there.

- I'm pretty self-contradictory.

Some of these aren't so bad,
but it's a big deal where I am.
I miss social diversity.

Apr 6, 2011

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