How life works.

Good friends, together and then suddenly apart… memories have faded, nothing to remember, just his look that’s all I’ve got. Years later, we meet again, like strangers there’s no hello, just a long stare as if trying to remember where we met before. Days pass technologies advancement has opened up a path. We have long conversations remembering what we can; how we used to walk around just him and I noone else around. We meet for coffee, he comes to pick me up, not a big white horse but on a little black car. We drive, music loud, there’s the café. We stop and start to talk, I stumble on my words. Long ride home, we speak a little more, and then with dissatisfaction I walk into my home. Next day we make plans, its better now, more to talk about. Time goes by and soon enough his lips are touching mine, he tastes like coffee and I can smell the long day he had, I can feel how tired he is by the way his lips softly, slowly brush against mine. Its magical. I leave with satisfaction and smile as I walk through my door. Now everything is better, we kiss again, again, again and yes there is more. I go to all his games, meet all of his friends. We spend all the time we can together. Last night we kissed for longer, he wouldn’t let me go, it seemed like it would last forever. But Today there is no more! Just a feeling of emptiness, a memory that’s all.

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