Looks? or love? pt2

I started to get the spins, he caught me. He had the capability to think in an emergency, the exact opposite from my boyfriend(F*** it, his name is now Jon cause Im tired of typing "my boyfriend")Jon would watch me fall with that "should I do something" look on his face. Green eyes was not muscular like jon was, but I could feel power in his body. He clearly worked out, but he saved it for when necessary. He cradled me in his arms and I moved my head close in to his chest. He wore cheap axe chocolate (I could tell his family did not have much money, unlike everyone else at my school), but I liked it on him. It mixed well with his musk. I guided him to my room. He laid me down and got on the bed next to me and I prepared to give myself to him, as disgusting as I felt getting drunk and cheating. But he lay there looking at me with those eyes. I couldnt stand the thought of cheating on Jon and turned away, presenting my back to him. Thats when I felt his hand. slow and powerful but half the size of Jon's slide across my midsection and his lips touch right underneath my ear and behind it. He had the smoothest kisses I had ever felt. His lips worked his way down my neck and (in my drunken state) I put one of his hands on my stomach hoping it would go lower. It didnt but I didnt mind. I turned my head to feel his soft lips on mine and he moved for it, but I turned my head at the last minute and muttered that we should know to be faithful. He brought his lips up to my ear and continued our conversation like nothing ever happened.
I was quite flustered, and drunk, and sleepy by then so I accidently mumbled things I didnt mean to. He thought it was funny and laughed that little throaty laugh right into my ear. I shuddered in pleasure and fell into a dream about him and his body next to mine. I woke briefly to remember him kissing my forehead and telling me I needed sleep. By the time I woke up to say dont go, he was already gone.

He has been to my house now. I invite him over every chance I can but lining up his professional schedule with mine and against his girlfriend's and Jon's is difficult. The first time he touched me since the party was while I was making us tea. my back to the kitchen. I could feel his eyes from across the room. I could hear his footsteps moving towards me. We had been talking about impulses and whether the human soul should have reign over the mind. His intelligence is far above mine and he speaks very well. His background lets art seep into his every action turning his words sweet to my ears. His right arm started slowly at the small of my back and work its way around my mid section while his left hand moved my hair from the right and back side of my head over in front of my left shoulder, exposing my full neck on my right side. The mixture of the cool chill of my moving hair and his hot breath made me shudder, spilling the boiling hot water on to the cook top. I set the pot down, the rest of my body growing limp as his words heated my ear. I felt his body against mine once again. Sober, I could still feel his powerful chest and arm muscles, but he lacked Jon's think corded muscles. I could feel the breaths of a singer from his gut against the small of my back. No six pack, but I found myself not minding. His hands had now found their way to my b****** and were on their way down my body, like his tongue. His hands met at my crotch, easily feeling the abundance of wet already there by feeling under the skirt.

I turned around and kissed him. He pressed into me and kissed me how I had always wanted to be kissed. Our hands all over one another, he put his leg in between mine and started thrusting it against me. I bit him in the neck and pulled off his shirt and scratched across his chest. (we had talked about this being a fetish we both shared). I'll give you the cliff notes.
First he had me o***** in his mouth. His tongue is amazing and his lips made me scream.
I deep throat-ed the s*** out of him. Ive never wanted to go this all out before
He bent me over the dining room table and f***** the h*** out of me, nearly making me c** again, but he pulled out and did all over my chest.
And he did about 30 minutes more of his lips on my lower lips, with his fingers inside me, till I did something I had never done before. It got all over his face which mad him amazingly hard again ( he was the same 6 inches as Jon but f*** he knew what he was doing)
We f***** some more and tried some new positions, but no one came and we ended up just collapsing on the couch and sleeping
We woke up and talked some like we always had. and he got dressed and left, simple as that.We talked about the next time I'd get to see him. I vaguely mentioned about something more serious, but he shot that down bluntly. "there is a difference between love and s**" he said to me. And after my date with Jon that night, I realized I agreed with Green Eyes. But I want both from him

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  • That was a great story

  • Nothing but a cheater,,,,,all for you ,,,,,

  • Wow the chemistry between you two is hot hot hot. But I think you should really dump your boyfriend instead of stringing him along when you no longer want him and are cheating on him. I would advise you not to look too deep into this other guy, the moment he shot you down with that love and s** line meant he was only willing to see you as a fling no matter how much you two might match.

  • ^Agree... and you have to remember that your boyfriend is still a boy in high school, not a man. He is sexually inexperienced, and that's okay - we all have to start somewhere. But one thing to consider, he could be gay and is dating you to keep up appearances. And it's not to say he doesn't like you, but just may not be ready to come out. That may be part of the reason you two haven't gone farther sexually. As for the other guy.. agree again with the other comment. The guy is telling you exactly how he sees you, you will just get really hurt if you keep pursuing it or hoping something more will happen.

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