I'm only 13...

I am a straight-A student whose the good child in her family and is known for always being "innocent."

But truth is, I've been masturbating for years.

I feel incredibly dirty and wrong, but I cannot stop thinking about s**.

I don't watch p***, but I tend to prefer reading rather mature stories and such. I also take naughty pictures when I'm in the mood and chat with strangers online. I'm safe about it, but I'm afraid someone may eventually find out.

I've never even been kissed before...

I feel messed up. Is this wrong?

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  • No it isn't wrong!! It's f****** natural and not dirty!!! Stop being a fool!!

  • The masturbating is fine but the taking pictures and strangers online thing is over the top. You are basically taking away any enjoyment you would get in the future of being with a real guy you love. Do you really think a guy that loves you would enjoy you did that? People can eventually find out. Sometimes people take those pictures you give and post them online for others to see. I have a friend who did some pictures not much older than you and her mom basically found out and beat the s*** out of her.

  • strangers online? omegle maybe? LOL would be interesting to run into you :P

  • to ad to that, tell me what time zone and hours youre on :p

  • You're just full of bullshit, you're a 30 year old guy who has nothing better to do at your s***** job.

  • i have the same situation too but yeah don't worry no one will no about it, just keep it secret. (:

  • Any way i can talk to you not here? omegle or something on a certain hour? emails arent so secret so.... im just currious about some things

  • Dont worry about it too much. Im actually in the exact same situation that you are. Its perfectly healthy to do things like that, except maybe the takig pictures part and chatting online. As long as you keep it hidden, you should be fine like me.

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