The girl I love

Ok, so I'm going into 7th grade next year and this girl that I like knows that I like her, but the problem is when I told her I liked her she said " I don't really care if you like me" and she said it in an awkward way and I gave her my number on the last day of school and it's been 2 weeks and she still hasn't called. I don't have the guts to ask her out on the acount of the fact of me being afraid of rejection. I don't know what to do, I don't have her number so I'm kinda screwed but should I give up on her or keep trying, and to all the people who will say things like ask her out and then do her please don't I really need help I've been listening to blink 182s you ** up my life constantly so you know I need help

Jun 20, 2012

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  • Life is filled with rejection... in relationships, work, love... it is good if you make this decision while you are young - decide not to let rejection scare you away from living your life. You cant always control what happens in this worlds, or in other people minds BUT you can control what you do with your life and your mind. If you like someone - tell them. If you want a job apply for it, don't let other people, of the fear of rejection stop you. Good Luck.

  • There's always a risk of rejection. Her response was a little odd. Girls can be funny too, especially at 11 and 12. If she doesn't call, it's her loss. I think you should forget about her for now and have a really great summer vacation. Maybe you'll meet another girl this summer..

    For now, let it go and don't ask her out again. Wait until fall when school starts again. When you see her, say hello and ask how her summer was. See if she's more responsive then. You never know..a romance may still be in your future with her, maybe not now, maybe in high school.

  • Hey, it's me again, I wanted to point out that this said girl is my best friend and to the guy that commented above me, I really liked to thank you for the advice, you are awesome.

  • Sure :-). A-ha.okay so she's your best friend. Totally makes sense why you like her. Well this changes things slightly. Because you also want to keep her as a best friend. Okay, so maybe her response was because she doesn't know how to handle the situation.

    Just so you guys can stay friends and remove the awkwardness. Can you contact her by email? or facebook? And say that you like her because she's your best friend. But that you understand if she doesn't feel the same way. It's cool. And you would just like to be friends and not feel uncomfortable.

    You're very sweet. Don't get discouraged. Just remember you're going to like a lot of girls and not all of them will say yes. And that's okay, because all you need is one girl to say yes. Right! :-)

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