I hate myself.

I'm fifteen. i might be pregnant.

i'm not on birth control, and i didn't even want to have s**, not entirely anyways. he told me that once he "broke my cherry" that he'd put the condom on. we didn't even get that far, it hurt too much.

but now i'm period is missed by just three days now. i have so many symptoms of pregnancy and i hate it.

i can't even tell my best friend. she told me that if i were to ever get pregnant that she would never talk to me again. which i don't doubt, seeing as how she lives hundreds of miles away. i don't want her to know, but if i do end up pregnant, i obviously can't keep that from her.

but there's always abortion.

i need so much help, it hurts. i hate the boy that did this to me, even though i might not even be impregnated. but god, i feel like a huge w****.

so i cut as much as i can without my dad noticing. maybe i'll finally die and i won't have to worry about a baby or my best friend or the boy ever again. please, someone help me.

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  • I think you're just paranoid. It's common for young girls to have irregular periods.Honestly, I had experienced the same thing, the same feeling of fear after I first did it, but all's well now. Just stick to safety rules and know your limits.

  • wow you guys are pure evil. I am sorry you are having a scare. dont cut yourself and stop having s** when you are so young. your body is not devoleped enough yet to carry a child. get the test.

  • If you are pregnant, I beg you not to get an abortion!!! Everyone deserves a chance at life! God loves you, and he'll still love you if you have a baby, and he'll love your baby too! Please accept Jesus as your Savior!

  • i just thought i was pregnant too.and im 15 alsooooo. i f***** my ex when i was drunk and my period was a week late..dont tell anyone until you know for sure cause the more people who know the worse the situation will get. just go get a pregnancy test. i hope the best for you:)

  • im 14 and had s** with my neighbor. my period was a week late so i thought i was pregnant also. i began having symptoms of pregnancy and was so scared. turns out i was so freaked out about being pregnant, that my body began to act like i was pregnant (if that makes sense). im not pregnant, thank god, but my advice would be to get a pregnancy test just in case

  • Well hope for the best and maybe you'll get lucky unlike me I had to force myself for a abortion after my bf cheated on me with my best friend and turned around and told the school I was pregnant...

  • I've been like 10 days late.. You could be having a hysterical pregnancy, where you think you're pregnant so you're having all the symptoms of it. Also, if he couldn't even pop your cherry you guys probably didn't get far enough for him to c** inside of you.

  • Life happens. Move on and deal with it. It is never as bad as it seems and the next day always comes. You feel oike s*** now, but this is only temporary. Tell your parents, they love you, even though it may be difficult. This to shall pass...

  • bad idea! dont tell your parents! this b**** is crazzyyy lol

  • i agree, you might not be pregnant. wait till you know for sure to tell anyone.

  • Im so sorry! I just had a scare too. Just take a pregnancy test. I wish you the best and I hope everything works out.

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