Idk why

I'm 19 and had "relationships" with 4 girls and only ever called one my girlfriend. I've never been overall happy with any of them. Sure it's fun to make out but I still have no idea what a relationship feels like and after 4 girls I'm nervous I never will.

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  • Maybe you should read some books on what a healthy relationship looks like? Then try dating only on young woman at a time. Once you're in a relationship you will learn how to do whatever is necessary to have a good one. Be well now.

  • You're only 19. You have a lot of time to figure this out. And each person you meet or even date is a relationship. Maybe you're not really ready for one. It's okay to date until you find someone you want to spend more time with. And when you are ready and open to a committed relationship it will happen. Maybe for some of the girls you meet, go on a date and wait to make out. That may help you gauge how much you really want to see them again.. just a suggestion.

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