Just once.

I do my best never to complain, even when I'm dying inside, even when I'm falling apart. because when I complain, I feel like a selfish b**** who doesn't deserve to live. sympathy makes me hate myself.

but no matter how much it pains me when I get it, sometimes all I want is sympathy. I want someone to tell me that I'm not a selfish b****, that I have every right to be upset, that I'm not just creating problems for myself to get attention. because maybe then I wouldn't feel so guilty for being upset.

which is why it hurts so much when, when I finally do speak up and say that something's wrong, you tell me what I deserve to hear. I hate knowing you're right.

just once, I wish you would lie to me.

May 3, 2011

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  • I feel exactly the same way. People always seem to complain and moan when something's wrong. They tell you this and then expect you to do things for them to help them (I.E change the channel on the TV) and they don't realize that YOU have problems too. You just suck it up and deal with it.

    Even when you DO tell them that you're in pain or not feeling good, they're always worse off or they forget. And you just get taken advantage of, because you don't complain. You don't say "No."

    I don't complain because I feel selfish when I do. And I feel selfish when I'm seething in my head about them complaining too much. I just can't win. And yet I go on, because there's no telling when/how things might get better.

  • I know who you are. You should have called me. You should have talked to me.

  • I feel for you, my friend. My mum and sister never fails to complain everytime they come home from work and I try my best not to complain its not just in me.

    But im tired of listening, tired of people not noticing that despite my silence, I have problems too and im trying not to burden others with them.

    Take my advice if you will, ignore them. When they realize no one cares about their problems the complaining will cease and they will learn to suck it up like us.

  • everyone gets the right to be upset, and I'm not just following your lead, it's true, some people speak up their mind more than others but we all suffer the same way

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