30 lbs lost and feeling down

I just hit the 30 lb mark, But I am down because I see myself in the Mirror everyday and nothing looks like it's changed. I still feel like a blimp. I'm scared that no matter how much I lose I'll always feel like a fat woman. I worry whether I'll fit into the booth at the restaurant, or in the seat of my friends small car.

I'm a tall person and I've always felt like when I walk into a room I just take up the whole room, I won't walk between two people if they have less than 4 feet between them because I feel like I won't fit between them. I'm uncomfortable standing near anybody who is shorter than me or smaller than me in any way.

I'm just scared that no matter how much I lose I'll always feel this way.

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  • Put on the cooker and have a good meal ul think straight when ur belly is packed its no use dieting if u feel like a pig

  • I feel the same way - the more weight I lose, the sadder I become because I don't look the way I thought I would. You are not alone - talk to someone about it, maybe seek mental help for BDD. That's what I'm planning on doing.

  • If ur ass loks men wont notice the rest of u

  • spend more time naked, it helps you appreciate your body and see it as beautiful, and not something to cover up. It may take some time but eventually you will see the effects of your efforts and you will be able to tell... but it the meantime learn to appreciate you in all your wonderfullness.

  • Congrats!! Woo hoo! 30 lbs is awesome. Keep on doing what you're doing. I agree with the other comments above. Losing weight is a process, it didn't go on over night, and won't come off in a day. Many of us eat for emotional reasons..sad, depressed, bored and even when we're happy. Joining a weightloss support group like weight watchers or overeaters anonymous can really help. Even going to a therapist may help overcome some of the obstacles you're facing. As you lose more, you'll like your self and the change to your body even more. Remember to treat yourself..not to food, but to something you enjoy like a haircut, mani/pedi/ or spa service or something you enjoy doing. You're going to get there!

  • Congrats on the weight loss and don't be discouraged.

  • You should be rejoicing those lost pound :D

    I'm struggling with weight as well, I like food so it's hard to eat less for me.

    you know I also still feel fat, but you know

    even though i feel the same to the mirror, I know i'm slimmer, because i wear much smaller sizes, so the mirror can be deceiving, it can make you feel like your hard work is for nothing, but remember,at that angle (head to body) everything looks worse than it is, I have a great support system helping me through the weight management, so I will do for you what my friends would do for me,

    Give you a hug*, let you know what an accomplishment you have done losing 30 pounds, which not everyone can do, and please keep going, so you look fabulous and you can give a hand to someone else who is going through a rough time :D
    congratulations, you really deserve it, no matter what the mirror tells you ;)

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