My genitals are weirdly formed. I think

My genitals are weirdly formed. I think i used to pull them when i was a kid and now the right side is like slightly long, extended or something. I'm a virgin, will any guy who sees it be repulsed?? I mean, its just skin! Will it affect my s** life?

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  • I know this seems really strange but....
    I work in strip clubs and have seen thousands of women naked. Every womans "kitty" is different. Long, short, thick, slim, puffy or taught. That is what makes them beautiful. Never think any part of you is "ugly" because it is different from the next girl.
    Look through some magazines such as playboy. It might help to see the variety.

  • I'm a virgin, too, and my c*** is really small! :(

  • And now my boyfriend's seen it and he likes it!
    Yay! :)

  • Oh damn!! I'm the cause of people wondering if they're normal or not!! I've kinda accepted my self this way now, so I'm ok. It's really not that big a deal, so you other guys relax!!

  • Mine's the same way. I never knew it was different from others until I read this post.

  • Love those l****! My wife has average l**** (as if there is a standard for measuring them?) but has a largish clitoral hood. I really wasn't shocked when I first got intimate with it, but I certainly hadn't seen anything like it before. I like it now and use it to my advantage to m********* her in ways that are different to her own usual style of masturbation. Visit and find others who share your concerns.

  • Wow, you have me wondering if my v***** is normal now!

  • i love the lips that hang out them more than the same old p****** that look alike,,, be different enjoy them big lips

  • My c******* is like heaps longer then the labias. It's quite evident :( I've never told anyone.

  • i wouldnt wry about it... to most guys as long as ur clean then a v***** is a v*****... its not like they are actually gonna get down there and examine it....

  • Those extra lips actually feel good to us. At least to me it does.

  • Mine is the same, and my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind

  • Ha ha so we're definately not alone. same case here. All I've done was oral so he saw but didn't mention anything. Was fine with me being me.

  • It's nothing unusual.
    It's very common in females.
    If you are experiencing some pain around your l**** (the lips of your v*****), you should consult your doctor.
    Surgery might be involved, but it's nothing that no one has already encountered before.
    Good luck.

  • Glad to know I'm not alone. Thanks and you're right, if they love us they wont care... :)

  • also, i don't think it has to do with you pulling on it, some people just have that naturally

  • i kinda have that too. mine kinda hurts sometimes because they rub too much against other skin and clothes.
    but i guess if guys really love us they won't care.
    i heard that if they're too long, they can make s** painful and difficult but i'm also a virgin so i don't know.
    but i know there's a surgery to get them like trimmed off or something

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