Everything annoys me.

I'm getting to the point were literally everything irritates me. It's nothing woeful but it's something i'm reminded of constantly. I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt but any small slip and I lose faith in them. I really try to see past people's imperfections and be accepting but at the end of the day all i'm doing is prolonging their stay, before I eventually cut them off completely because they disgust me. I have an extreme holier than though attitude and it strains my outlook on anything. I will always be more poised, more reserved, and more calculated than everyone else, because anything less is lowly and gross. I don't really have anyone I truly like to the fullest. I have some friends, but at the end of the day they all do little things that drive me wild. Not even anything bad or malicious, just things that I don't approve of. It could be something as big as associating with people I disapprove of, to little insignificant s*** like liking a type of food. It's incredibly easy for me to find things I dislike about people. I wish I could just control everyone and make them perfect.

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  • I literally feel the exact same way all day everyday. I hardly have any friends and I fight with myself in my head about it. I want to have friends cause I'm lonely, but once I have friends, I start to hate them. It's starting to become a problem around my family member too. I can't stand anything. I hate everything now and it's getting worse and it's driving me crazy.

  • I have an uncle that hating is his thing too. He is always watching tv and saying look at this s**** who are always crying over men, they are so pathetic, I hate this bull**** program. I always tell him to change the channel, but he insists to let him finish watching the show.

    I think people like my uncle and the one who posted this confession are born critics. Only critics can withstand the pain of irritation that is caused by the annoyances and imperfections of others. Yet with their "holier" above attitude can criticize to detail of what they see as "lowly and gross". I say embrace your character (not to the point where it can physically hurt you) but enough to apply to be a critic for the New York Times or some other outlet.

  • It's normal to feel this way sometimes or even for a long period of time. But if you ever get tired and want to feel different about your friends or people in general (since they are probably not going to change), you should seek some form of help.

    It sucks, but if you decide to cut them out of your life (make sure to tell them why before you do) at least get that satisfaction. If your "holier than though attitude" permits it, act like your tipsy when telling them off their truths. That way you can always blame it on alcohol. And who knows they might hear you out and try to minimize their annoying habits around you or simply change them.

    So, either change your environment or your mentality about the situation. Because so much anger and bitterness eventually hurts your body.

    Look at this site. Some of the stuff here is true.

    If this anger leads you to be stuck in a hospital, with (nurses you hate and awful food) it could suck even worse. But, if hating and not liking is your thing; and you kind of enjoy it too, then keep hating.

  • I can relate ):

    I've got this little black list in my head with a few people I hate and I always see their flaws every single time I see them and it annoys the h*** out of me.

  • That really irritated me. It was like torture to read that.

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