I secretly wish

That my sister will come into my room after I shower when I'm changing and see everything. I fantasize about her wanting to see everything because she's curious.
She'd ask hesitantly "Um...could I touch it?"
I'd feel bashful and uncomfortable, but the feeling of doing something so wrong feels so good, so I undo my towel and let her.
Then I'd get uncomfortable and say that it's weird and unfair that I'm the only one naked, that it makes me feel like the perv. So I'd ask her to undress.
She hesitates but then obliges. As she strokes me
, I caress her firm butt and b******.
She seems to enjoy the feeling, and I tell her she can suck on it if she wants. She doesn't at first, continuing to stroke, but the desire overcomes her and she slowly puts the tip in and out of her mouth.
I tell her to sit on my lap. She climbs on my lap and I can feel her warm body and v***** pressing against my body and d***.
I grab her butt and press her body more firmly up against me while kissing her b******. She begins to grind me hard, never entering, but the pressure and the heat is enough. I grab her butt more tightly and press her harder against me, kissing her neck and behind her ears. I feel her body trembling against mine, the ecstasy pounding through her like waves.
She begins to grab my back more tightly now, she is about to go through the breaking point. I feel her body shiver and she lets out a cry and clenches me. My lower body is moist from her o*****. Just as she gives out another shiver and moan I tense up and squeeze her butt firmly, overtaken by the pure pleasure and finally release. The c** projects on our bodies, still connected through our embodiment of forbidden pleasure. I let out a moan as she does and reach around and slide my finger across her warm v***** and soft a***. The pleasure has overtaken me to a new and forbidden level, a point where I cannot go back. I kiss her neck more, relishing in the feelings we have both encountered. We finally stop and breath heavily, still holding to each other tightly.
I rub my fingers across her back and bum, occasionally massaging her soft a*** with my fingers. Then I grab her hips and give her a little tap on the butt and she gets off. We don't feel uncomfortable anymore. We clean ourselves off and then dress, smiling. She leaves the room and I sit, wondering if the feelings created in the room would ever pass away.

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  • My sister and i had an encounter like this at one point when we were younger. We didn't have s**, but we made felt eachother and made eachother c**. We were curious at that age, but it was mutual too.
    Now we both have our own families, and we laugh about it sometimes. Remember that its not the best of ideas though

  • Wow dude, that was kind of hot. But still I wouldn't think it would happen, don't act on it.

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