I think she's cheating.....

Tonight, my gf and I had our first sexual contact in a couple weeks. (We have been fight/bickering a lot, hence the lack of sexual contact). We had our usual masturbation session, the one we have when s** is just too much, where we stimulate each other simuletaneously (completely spelled wrong). It generally takes me a while to c** but I was a lil more aroused tonight do to some p*** I had masturbated to earlier this evening before picking her up from work. It takes her a lil while to c** as well with just fingering and c*** stimulation. Tonight on the other hand, she came rather quickly. She had mention her v***** being sore and I stayed primarily around her c***. Soon after switch to our normal position (her on my leftK, she came so quick I blow my mind. I think she is cheating on me. We have been dating for 5 years and the only time she c*** that quickly is if she has already came. WTF is going on?

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  • um maybe she masturbates too...ever think of that?? ;)

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