I love my ex with all my heart :(

We broke up 2 and a half years ago. We were together for almost 7 years. We were engaged. Long distance for about 4 of those years here and there but our love was always more than enough. I gave him my heart in its entirety to the point where I started to feel like I was not always completely myself. He and his family were (are) more conservative than I. They are religious (mass every sunday) and don't approve of tattoos for example... I went to church, worried about the little space between the buttons on my shirt to make sure nothing could be seen, wore shorts under my skirts, positioned myself to that (hopefully) his mom wouldn't take notice of the rose tattoo on my ankle (and especially not the butterfly tattoo on my lower back!).
But he loved me and treated me so compassionately and with such understanding to my needs, he knew just what to say and when to say it. He gave me all that I needed, so generous with his love and with the smallest of romantic, thoughtful details.
He now has a girlfriend of 1 year. He and I keep in touch and I recently told him that I still love him. We agreed that the other is important in our lives and to keep in contact. I am also in a relationship... but I can't give my heart to anyone... it's already in the hands of someone - my ex. I think of him when in the bed of another, and cry deeply inside. I smelled the sheet that was once his and imagined his long gone scent.
The emotional pain drains my days of happiness. I do want to find love again...What else can I do? How do I move on???

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