You Had It Coming

That day, you told me that you can't make it because you had an emergence to attend to.

I told you you're missing out in a very hard subject, is it a good idea to skip this class?

You said no I cant help it.

I agreed to help you take notes because we are good friends and I believe in you.

Imagine my shock when I came home later that day and saw photos of you and your boyfriend going on a date.

'POSTED 58 MINUTES AGO'. In Facebook.

Emergency, huh? Wow, you couldn't WAIT to suck his c***.

Yesterday was result day. And you told me you failed. This would be your second time failing this subject.

Guess what? I was a teeny bit happy about that.

You didnt know your priorities and were flippant. You got what's coming to you.

I feel bad but I cant help it.

I hope you learned you lesson. Please study hard this semester. I'll help you still.

May 24, 2011

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  • At least you tried to help! I'm proud of you for not beating her to the ground.

  • Then you are an idiot. That dumbass girl needed a memorable lesson, and this was a perfect opportunity. "Going high" does NOT work with most people, are we finally starting to see that? That's just a term cowards use to not do what they know is right. It's a variation on "don't worry, karma will get them someday". Just... shut up with that bullshit. If you take that attitude, you're chicken and some random a$$hole is going to keep right on being an a$$hole because you didn't have the guts to step up and set their fool a$$ straight.

  • What the f***'s it to you? You bitter because she's gettin' some and you're not? If you're her friend, what diffs does it make what the reason for her not being in class is?

  • Uhhh... being manipulated and lied to so "friend" can go be stupid is okay somehow? Somebody's defensive. Oops, did exposing you for the cvnt you are make you "bitter?"

  • What a s***.

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