I'm a 22 year old girl whose life is so

I'm a 22 year old girl whose life is so f***** up, and I am so confused. I have 2 BF's. BF#1 is 29 & we've been together almost 3 yrs., but he is treating me very bad. Well, SOME of the time he does, only when he gets mad at me. He has been abusive to me both emotional & physical. When we are not fighting he is sweet, caring, & he says he loves me.
BF#2 is a 60 yr. old man who I met at work. We both work at a resort/ casino. He's a security guard & I'm a stripper. I've known him for about 7 months. We got together because of one night when BF#1 drove me to work. We were fighting & I was crying really hard in the parking lot after he left. Well, BF#2 saw me & asked "what's wrong Jess?". I tried to tell him but I was crying to hard, so he just hugged me for a long time.(like I said we were already aquaintances) Finally I calmed down & he brought me a soda & stayed there with me for awhile just talking.
After that night he seemed to be more concerned about me. I noticed a different vibe when we talked & it wasn't a bad one. I started making excuses to myself to see him. Then one night he walked me out to my car & gave me a hug. We looked at each other & the next thing I know he is kissing me. And I liked it! Over the next several weeks things progressed & we ended up sleeping together. I think I am starting to love him.
I'm still living with BF#1 & he's still the same. I do love him but I hate it when he abuses me. When we fight I go running to BF#2 for comfort. He's always there with his big strong shoulder to lean on. He always makes me feel better. I feel so safe in his arms.
The fact I can't get out of my head is that he is 60 & I am only 22! Is that wrong? Is it perverted for us to be attracted to each other? I don't know what to do. Sometimes I really want things to work out with BF#1. I love him very much. But now I am falling for BF#2 & sometimes I wonder how it would be to be with him instead. Please help!!!

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  • dump both of them.

    if you NEED to keep one, then keep #2.

    what you REALLY should do is dump both of them, QUIT your stripper job (or no man will ever treat you with the respect you deserve), move somewhere new and get a fresh start. that's honestly what i would do.

  • I think your first mistake is having 2 boyfriends. Second mistake is being young-minded. Why do you have to bounce from one guy to the next? You must have some co-dependency issues. It does sound like the old man is better, but are you just selling yourself short because you don't want to be alone?

  • Kill #1 and say it was in self defence, then kill #2 and eat him.

  • go kill yourself.

  • I know how you feel this sounds just like me except im not a striper and the BF#2 isnt 60. i dont wanna leave BF#1 cause im scared of what he'll do 6 months ago i tried to break up with him but he threated to kill me and he slashed my tires and a bunch of s*** its easier to stay with him and make him happy instead of him gettin all crazy.........but anyway i would go for #2 no matter how much you love #1 it sounds like he'll never respect you as much as #2.

  • go for #2

  • I think that you need to leave the abusiveguy. That man don't give a s*** about you if he hits you- dump him.
    And as far as #2 goes- he probably dont care about you either. Your a stripper for God's sake. And who takes strippes seriously? that man was in the bar wantin to see some strange t******. He wasn't looking for love!Change your lifestyle and the right man will come along- one who loves you for you and doesn't want to hurt you- not one who just wants to s**** you, or beat you up.

  • Ok.. i would go for #2.. i'm not going to sit here and say OH ITS WRONG HE IS OLD you like him its legal and he treats you good.. i would go for him cause he has yet to abuse you in any way.. and oyu seem happy with him... but when you talk about the #1 you dont talk good.. you say you love him.. but how can you say you love someone who abuses you.. get outta that relationship.. it'll be easier with #2.

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