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I've always been attracted to older men, though I've never acted on those desires. Recently, a friend's older brother has started substitute teaching at my high school (I'm a senior, he's 24). At first, I didn't notice him anymore than I would any other substitute. But then he taught for my choir and I walked in on him playing piano. The music was absolutely beautiful, and I really looked at him. Since then, I have fantasized about being with him. He is intellectual and insightful, fit and quiet. I've caught him staring at me on more than one occasion, and I'm curious as to whether or not he is mutually attracted to me. Too bad I don't have the b**** to say anything.

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  • He's gay.

  • Don't be stoopid! He'll hate you if you get him in legal trouble! You'll be 18 soon enough!

  • Have a conversation with him! or ask him for help with something, and try to get to talking! theres always a way! ^.^

  • Do him a huge favor and hold off on anything sexual until after you've graduated.

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