I'm Sorry For everything

I wish I could take back so many of my actions
Erase all the pain I've caused
I'm sorry
For everything

I hope they understand one day
All the souls reading this,perhaps then,
I can be forgiven

I broke your heart, Dillon
I'm honestly sorry
I love you and always will
But you came too late to save me
Both from myself and them

I'm sorry
For everything

I was in love with you Cain
I fought a war of wills for you
Then, in the midst of that war
You died
I desperately wish still that I
Could or would have saved you
All I have to blame is myself
Or you. And I can't blame you. So
I'm sorry
For everything

Oh, beautiful John
Light of other worlds
But your light was hellfire
That you lured me with unknowingly
I know there's a good person in there
I've seen glimpses of it
But you tried to break me
Mold me into a lie
To fit your 'beautiful truth'
I didn't fit
I'm sorry
For everything

I love you all
All that supported me
One time to the next
Moments passed and now?
Time still won't stop for me
As it has for some

And my regrets
For my mistakes
My terrible deadly mistakes
Last for eternity

I'm sorry

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