Im too young for this

I never wanted kids..and after knowing my younger gf for 3 months sshe decided she could not abort and had our daughter...i feel im too young at 25 and shes absolutely too immature to bring a life into this world, but her parents taught her otherwise so here we are. My life up until i met my now gf/ dAughters mother has been amazing..i loved everyday with a smile on my face..the 4 years since i met her i am completely not even attracted to my daughters was a not evil and i love my daughter but omg i hate being a parent and that's no surprise..i told my gf i didnt want to be a parent but abortion or adoption was out of the question for her even though now she says if i would've known it would be like this i would've aborted...she's has such a little girl mindset...we can't afford anything..i work 60 hr work weeks and completely hate my life now..i just wanna go back to livinv in my apartment living life to the fullest every day..i feel like im so gf trys to come on to me and im not gay and shes somewhat atttractive but the resentment i have for her is so strong id rather sleep on the 25 and hoping i just dont wake up one day or find a time machine out of this h*** a good person and i always knew kids wernt for me but its beeen forced on me...i cant live knowing i have a child and not supportinc her shes an amazing little girl but i just cant do this anymore li wanna just run away...comments welcome im just venting


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  • This is why the human species is $crewed. We become physically capable of having babies long before we're mentally or emotionally capable. That's one h*** of a design flaw there.

  • Oh well, doesn't matter, you got to stick your d!ck in some little hottie. Doesn't matter that she's a hot mess underneath. That's all that matters, obeying the little master in your pants. How does it feel to be a dumb animal?

  • In reading this, a lot of thoughts come to mind where it's hard to find sympathy in your situation. Such as you're 25 and an up, grow up. You did this to yourself. And a lot of 25 year olds are married with kids. That if you didn't want children, then like the other comment below had no business having s** without protection. That you resent and blame your gf for your position in life when you need to be accountable for your actions. But on the flip have stepped up. You are doing what needs to be done to care for your child. There are a lot of men who get women pregnant and walk away. And maybe you're not completely embracing parenthood because you feel you're missing out on something, but you are doing it. Turning down the advances of your gf does not make you gay. That's really a poor choice of words. What is an honest response is that you're depressed and just not feeling it. Here are some suggestions for what may need to happen. Just because you have a child with a woman, does not mean you have to stay with her. If the relationship is not working then break up and move on. You can have visitation and pay child support. If you want to stay with your gf, then figure out how to make it work. If she's not working, then she should. Your daughter is 4, she can be going to preschool at this stage, so your gf could be working for a good percentage of the day. And there is nothing that says she shouldn't be contributing to the family income. Ask your parents to watch their grandchild for a couple of hours and either you and your gf have a date night. Or you two go and do something on your own.. meet up with friends, have dinner, sleep, whatever. Maybe more importantly is that you find someone that you can talk to.

  • You can't always assume they had s** without protection. Some women trick guys into staying with them by not taking the birth control, or the birth control fails.

    It is never right to bring up a child into this world when the child has a parent that neglects because they are not ready yet.

    Parenting is easy and not for the faint hearted.

    I actually feel sorry for this child as both parents are not fit to bring it up. As he said , the mother is emotionally immature.

    It is not about manning up, it is about knowing wha tis right for the child and in this case adoption sounds like an option

  • I was meant to say "parenting is NOT easy and NOT for the faint hearted

  • Don't take it out on the baby. You knew how babys were made and you didn't hold off or use birth control. If your unhappy you got no one to blame but yourself.

  • Hey bro I feel you there man like me you had a great single life style. But now from 8am to 6pm i look after my little one then from 6pm to 10pm i go to work then the next day comes and same s*** again but the greatest and best thing me and u are ever gonna do in this life time is having that child. So try to make the best of it if you need help or advice let me know we can always chat. Hope this helps

  • You're too selfish to be a good parent.

  • Most "parents" are

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