Feminine Discharge or Cheating?

My girlfriend and I live together and we have lots of problems.I think we have already broken up and its a matter of time before we separate.
I'm a sort of metosexual guy and pay attention to alot of things around our apartment.I know some women have some sort of feminine discharge that can be seen on undies.Mine has had this regularly and we discussed it before,no big deal.
For the last week,I have noticed that she takes her panties off,leaves them inside out and places them in dirty laundry baskets around the apt n such a way that I can see the discharge of them.They are soaked with it.The most was few days ago when she was gone for about 12 hours 'to get her hair done'.I woke up that morning and while in the bathroom,I noticed this.I was shocked actually.
Afew hours later I confronted her about it.It was not easy to do but I had to-it was bugging me given that we have not had s** for 3 months.
She was very offended and stated that I am snooping because we are breaking up and that every woman has that.She said I could smell it and find out that it is nothing sexual,rather some ovulation something.Her tummy hurts during s** sometimes.She claimed that she cant have s** with anybody else and contract a disease given her other problems.
I just think that she must have had s** with someone or was making out with someone.I tend to think that she is faithful but this one is got me rethinking because she is gone quite a bit lately,something she never used to do since we have kids, and have been in this city for only 3 months and know hardly anybody.She comes home in the middle of the night now.She even admitted to me that whatever place she was at,the owner asked her what I am gonna say when she came home since she had been gone all day.I did not ask who that person was-maybe the hair dresser.
Do you guys think I am over-reacting about all this?



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  • Participate in a “hotwife” lifestyle. Take enjoyment in other men feeding it to her while you’re watching. It’s a turn on. You can join in too maybe “spit roast “ her.

  • It is simple. My wife only wears black cotton underwear. We have always been verbal about how attractive she is and how other men check her out. She likes to tease me that she gets wet during her doctors checkups and shows me the marks on her panties, which to me look like my underwear when s**** dries out.

  • I would follow and find her and walk right up on them with a strap on my waist ,I wouldn't kill them tho just scare them,then tell her all her s**** gonna b outside

  • Love smelling my wifes panties after she takes them off there wet and have a nice must smell

  • I would eat her p****

  • It's definitely up there with the worst feelings you can experience. My advice to anyone who suspects that their wife / girlfriend is cheating is to be smart about it. Most guys let their emotions take over and make stupid decisions. Remember, you're not the first person this has happened to. I highly recommend checking out HACKARTHON (at) OUTLOOK (dot) COM to help you out when you find yourself in this state. He has a whole guide on infidelity which shows you exactly what to do

  • Kick that b**** out to the curb with her kids and set every single belonging of hers on fire...

  • My missus came half drunk
    We started making out
    When I went down on her - I swear I could smell s****...

  • Usually women will cheat because their man is being neglectful in some type of way. And just because our panties get wet sometimes does not always mean we might be cheating. Yes we have sexual thoughts and it could be about another man or just our mate but having wet underwear does not mean that we had s** with someone else already. Do you think you were treating her good? There is a reason why she cheated if it was just a fling she wanted to have or she thought you were cheating or neglecting her

  • There's no reason or excuse for cheating you can't justify wrong period

  • Don't defend someone if they are cheating, because what you're doing here is blaming the guy for lacking somehow which implies she was forced to go get it somewhere else - (if she is cheating maybe you did not treat her like a princess and that is why). Here is the thing, whatever the reason for cheating, it's not legitimate - if you're unhappy then separate but don't get plowed by others while still tied to a partner - that's bullshit and women who do that need to stop acting like a******* and take responsibility for their actions instead of playing the victim when they are often the perpetrators - there is no legit excuse for cheating and if she was interested in maintaining the relationship she would communicate issues to him instead of "thinking he was cheating or neglecting her" but instead of saying that, she acts like a w****.

    Not alright - dump the b**** and don't take advice from some other women cos they just defend them, they all act the same - at least American women do - total garbage, women in other places are much better. Let the s**** be s****, go find a woman.

  • There’s a reason for cheating huh? But if a man does it there wouldn’t be a valid reason. Fucking female

  • Fuck you looking for reason why she would cheat, the only reason would be cause she’s a w****. Snakey b****

  • No excuse for cheating even if a women feels neglect, especially if she is still in the relationship. Break up with the guy and then they go have their fun!

  • Lol I like how it’s always the guys fault.

  • Typical lady reply

  • She cheating dummy when she sleep put her finger on the print unlock and you gonna see what your looking for

  • You won't see anything ,because she will delete all of the evidence. She know you are suspecting something. She will delete text, pictures, IMO MESSAGE etc..

  • Def true

  • True

  • That’s if she doesn’t wipe/delete msg’s from guys you never met work and live in your local area and when you enquire because one of those guys/men sent love 💖 surrounding a cute teddy bear and she says it from an old school friend she hasn’t seen for decades since school and that they still live up north hundreds of miles away.. then when you check her phone when she busy doing some chores around the house to find that the msg that’s just from friend whom lives far far away is no longer anywhere to be found on her phone and person whom sent it ‘ his nowhere to be seen on any recent contact list on her msn messenger where it last seen only few hour earlier and the fact she gets home an hour later than normal some nights from work saying she had to work when you she wasn’t in work because you just happened to been in the area and past by and her work/shop is shut lights off at the time she says she was in work” that pit together with the fact she can never answer a question straight, it’s bound to set off suspicion and concerns about your relationship not to speak of random bruises like finger printed bruises around the ankles and inner side of her calves and thigh and random back problems which only ever seem to come about around the same
    times as she get’s these random messages guys/men that suddenly can’t be seen or found anywhere , she’s even had some of her girlfriends to cover for her saying she was one place when she wasn’t!.. what is loyal guy supposed to think especially when he as caught an x before girlfriend with their hand in the cookie jar (that time) and she used the same patterns of lies and excuses just in a general chat.??

  • Dont fall in love...... go get sum p****

  • Lol sounds like the exact same s*** i went through...

  • Dont fall in love go get some p****

  • Fuck her friend

  • Ya that's not good ..and I have the same kind of problem..lies,excuses, working later..odd comments that seem to add up later on! Or talking about a guy or bringing him up in odd ways. Cought in lies or what was going on later or after the fact..took a black light to underwear sometimes seman sometimes discharge witch both glow! My question is! Why even be with me if your gonna cheat or talk to someone in a bad way..n treat me like s*** when your the one doing wrong! I just don't understand that.

  • Im going threw same s*** white s*** in her panties but only have s** 1time week we go from have it reg to im hurting but i found out she been FUCKING at work but now she see other woman trying to hit on me she care now🙄🙄 SMDH man get out that toxic s*** im GOING now I will be praying g for you

  • Hahaha you are truly hilarious. Thank you

  • You are totally overreacting. Don’t pay attention to that. F*** her as much as she would allow and accept that your wife needs other c**** to reaffirm she wants you. There is not a way to prevent your wife from f****** other men. Understand it and enjoy it.

  • Spoken like a snake in the grass who gets off on getting off with someone else's wife, girlfriend, etc. Don't look for people to legitimize the fact that you are a snake slithering around and knifing someone in the back when they aren't looking and don't look for anyone to tell you the crap you advocate is "okay", it isn't. And there is a way to prevent her from being with that other man and brother, you better hope you are never on the receiving end of that. I believe it will definitely change your perspective real fast.

  • Your a f****** idiot

  • Understand it and enjoy it what the f..k is this person talking about

  • Your f****** insane, I would beat the f*** to death if I caught her with him.

  • I know my nethews girlfriend has been cheating on him but not with a man she is having s** with her best friend as one day i followed them and they laid behind a old farm house wall in a field and i filmed it all and they have no idea that i have the recording on my mobile and a copy put in a safe place to show my nethew when i need to

  • Can I see it

  • 😂😂😂😂😂wtfffff

  • Lol you so stupid I wanna catch some s*** like that

  • Grow up and get a pair. She is screaming for affection, give her some.

  • My girl has normal discharge over the weekend but when she goes to work during the week it is like 3 times as much.. Is she cheating??

  • Yes she is.

  • I have same problem with that..and a black light will show both seman and discharge so its hard to know without a kit..and don't listen to whoever this f****** guy is that is commenting saying dumb s*** on everyone's post!

  • Dont nut in her and then use the blacklight

  • Yeap she doing it in the car at work

  • Of course she's cheating every girl needs some extra c**k during the week.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lick it up. If it's c** you'll know.
    Oh no you ate someones c**..so what she's been letting someone dump in her .

  • Ahhahah wtffffff

  • Yep

  • I have the same problem but I not sure yet where's and when ask her about it she get so p***** off me

  • If she not cheating she would want to reassure you and address your concerns - she acts angry in response cos she knows if she acts offended you will back down and apologize - don't do it.

  • I have the same problem I ask her and it's always me trying to be controlling or something like that

  • Same here

  • Last night my girl worked later than usual,,we are lot of times video chat when she's at work I called her last night an got no answers for a while when she did it was just texts or regular calls,,,we talked about having some fun when she got off,,when she got in she was still wanting to buy she folded her work clothes up an covered them in a picurliar manner,,,her panties were wet I mean wet wet ,,I have also seen messages that don't incriminate but could be questioned an then I look back an they're erased,,,I laugh because I'm letting her think I'm stupid until I have plenty to explode with...it's better like that....#tothepointofidgaf.

  • Eat that p**** straight from work.
    I did it was the best s** we had.
    All p**** juice bro. Maybe your girl just
    Thinking about your d*** all day

  • So my wife panties seems to only be wet when we're not togather but when where togather all day their not

  • Yeah how did that dudes c** taste? Lol weirdo! Just wondering...not really. Get a clue

  • Mini Spy cams,and mini voice recorders really work.or find out were u can both go to a lye detector test.that will do it .good luck

  • Who moved my cheese. Any one read it. Well heres the short version . 2 small men and 2 mice live in a staged environment. They all go to the same place everyday to eat the cheese there. One day the mice notice the cheese is not being replaced and that the pile is beginning to dwindle. The mice leave in search of a new cheese source. Later the men finally notice the cheese is dwindling. One man breaks down crying while waiting for new cheese to arrive. He complains the entire time how its not fair. The other man leaves, he finds so much cheese , far more then once seen as possible. The mice are already there eating abundantly of many kinds of cheeses. The man returns to get the weeping beaten man.

    Moral of the story guys is dont wait on cheese. If shes not giving her love to you she is giving it somewhere else. Dont wait on the cheese , go find new flavors and adapt to the change that has occurred in your life. Look I dont mean to sound like a p**** here. The truth is if you have a good mate and treat them well they may still cheat on you. We live in a disposable society. People want self, at once, gratification.
    So remember this, if your mate is not treating you as well as you are them. STOP, TAKE NOTICE and move on if your not getting back what your puting in. That goes for males or females. But dont be low lifes. Break up before you start cheating. And for the sake of humanity, man or woman the p**** up. Depending on weather your male or female. Theres 3 to one female to male ratios in most major cities. Guys she may be able to find a guy in one night where you may have to work a bit harder but look at the honest numbers. Then remove married people, trans, gay etc all of a sudden theres a hugh numbers favor in your favor. Dont fall in love so fast next time and personally i demand getting std hep and hiv testing before s**. Yup thats what the first date is for, to set up the testing.

  • Semen Detection Test, Professional,
    it's on Amazon for like 52 bucks

  • Dude get a sperm home kit and test her panties. It works very fast and youll know 100% if shes having unprotected s** anyways.

  • Sniff the panties you'll smell c**.if it's there

  • She is having s** with someone or naughty chats as I caught my wife after the messy undies I tracked her and caught them in the act .
    We are now separated ready for divorce she is 54 He was 20 and another 16 Menapause must play with there heads ,

  • Dude if she wants to hit you make sure the b**** leaves a mark and,a bruse then go straight to the police station tell tgem u want to press charges and put a restraining order on herctgey will come grab her by the short hairs make her give up all the keys to cars and house and drag her out !! After that if she texts or calls call the cops and tell them the will stop her dont listen to a word from her begging or crying she put herself in this not you

  • Kick the b**** to the curb if shes on any kind of drugs use them agianst her and make sure your not doing any for her to use against you b****** get dirty and they will s**** you without a tear of pitty f*** them all use them like they do us

  • Ahhahahahhahahha if she has any kinds of drugs,use them against her

  • I don't know if. My girl cheating use have her pw. To PHONE but she changed it she leaves it in kitchen to charge

  • She's f****** cheating dumbass if she doesn't return home after work and Is gone at night she's fkn cheating wake up and accept it stop trying to convince yourself she isn't

  • I think she is cheating not about discharge but about her attitude

  • Jesus, DUDE you just wrote a book from my life! we have two kids. we are 6 years apart. Our youngest kid was born 4 months ago, as of the last few weeks shes gone back to work shes come home late almost everynight. I work 5am-5pm and she always ignores my calls and texts on break saying she was in shower, sleeping, or taking care of our kids. Fathers day she left at 6 pm to take her dad his gift. I went to bed 930pm she knows that is my bedtime. She waited til 1030 to text and say she was staying the night to dye her hair. The next day i text her and asked her if she would be home at 5pm when I got home. Yea she said. I get home shes still not home. I call her, she says they are just about to dye her hair. okay wtf now... her dad es 25 minutes away not that hard to come home the night before and go back to do her hair.. well she came home the night after fathers day and sneaks in quietly and puts my daughters in their beds then slips into bed. Today I comehome and find her underwear in the bed soaking wet with yellow and brown looking crap in them no im not about to smell that s***. so out of curiosity I grab some other dirty pairs of panties from the laundry and set them all side by side. and none even compare.. She claims she wants to marry me and have a family even gave me her facebok password. But there is constantly doubts in my mind that she wont cheat again as she has in the past.

  • She let that one slip she probably forgot to put them in the washer

  • I think your reply is well reasoned out.She leaves so much and so long that I tend to think she is up to something.The day after I asked her about that discharge,we got into a big verbal fight.

    She was with someone on the phone most of the time.She told me that she has a young boyfriend who is strong,helps her with lots of stuff and phucks her really good.I was stunned by that angry admission but,I have been mentally prepared to break up with her that it did not matter much.It just baffled me because I always viewed her as "faithful",and lately, she has been saying that am sleeping with some woman out there and am therefore "contaminated" or "HIV positive" and should not sleep in her bed.I am not sleeping with any woman except her, when we were doing it, and am healthy.But how does she know whoever she is sleeping with is not any of the things shes branding me?

    I asked her about her denial the day before when I asker her if she's having s** with someone.She said simply that she did not want me to know her s***.She is extremely angry at me to a point that I think she could do me great bodily harm.I sat her down and we talked but she was shooting venom out of her mouth at me.

    What schocked me even more today,I had to find my car phone charger that I thought was in her car.I accompanied her and she let me look around.In the trunk of her car was a used alternator and a huge tool bag with lots of tools.It does not belong to her or I.I did not ask a thing.That is when I knew she has someone. She has another car with problems and I have not seen it lately,must be at the tool ownwer's house.Nobody leaves a tool bag like that unless there is great trust.

    I will just move on because this is too much drama for me.If I hadn't prepared to break up with her for long,I think yesterday would have been the worst day of my life.

  • She cheated on you. The clue is her attitude after you ask her if she was cheating. When a girl gets super defensive and starts accusing you of cheating,she's trying to make up the guilt of doing it herself so that she feels better about the situation.

  • @saifiesanderson

  • Clearly his WIFE wrote that last post.

  • You're a real piece of work. On the list of things the world needs, a possessive, jealous, paranoid boyfriend fails to appear. What the f*** is wrong with you, studying her panties like that? Jesus, you are pathetic.

  • Maybe he is but... if you love someone you'll do whatever it takes to find the TRUTH... not because your lookin for a way out but because you want to work things out and Honesty is the key to great relationship... if your gut tells you things might be skecthy.. they usually are

  • Lol

  • Last post written by your wife..

  • Your probably single lol.

  • Most people get possessive, jealous or paranoid at some point, but after awhile, I think most men are the same. They have had enough and hold on because they just want to know the truth about the matter so they can walk away from this chapter of their life with a clean conscious knowing that they did everything possible to amend any relationship issues. Men are not the problem, it's women. If women would just put out for their man and please him how he wants it, he would do the same in kind. But women are hard to please and therefore either shut down, sexually in the relationship, forcing the man to eventually look for greener pastures or else females do the opposite and look for their next fling. It is the ones that look for their next fling that end up jumping from male to male in hopes of trying to satisfy their emptiness. News flash, they will never find it unless they go and seek counseling, because men are not super sensitive, unless you have realigned their sexual preference, but it is usually women who are super sensitive. That is usually caused by something that has happened to them throughout their life, most often than not, it is caused by their father. Who inadvertently caused his precious little princess pain in some way. I will take a shot in the dark here on this one, most times when the female fits this case, the father did not pay enough attention to his daughter or else he did not make her feel wanted "loved" enough. Therefore, inadvertently causing his daughter to not be able to have lasting relationships. There are all kinds of things a father can or can not do for his daughters that will cause different symptoms later on in life. Women are very fragile, especially at a young age. So I believe the pathetic one is you. Do research in the field of psychology and sociology. It will open your eyes to what really is and not what people perceive it to be.

  • It's not "paranoia" when the suspicions are correct. He wasn't inspecting her panties in an emotional vacuum. He mentioned several other signs which led him to consider the stains on her underwater.

  • Unfortunately,I am neither paranoid, possessive nor jealous.I just wanted to know because everything appeared staged to have me either notice or ask about it.

  • The fact that you are so suspicious of her will be the demise of your relationship. I agree with the comment above, discharge in her panties isn't a sign that she's cheating. Sit her down and find out what's going on, why aren't you connecting. If she is really having stomach cramps then she should have that checked out. If she's trying to find an excuse to not have s** with you...you guys have bigger problems.

  • Even it happens only on certain occasions... and what color is female discharge usually???

  • Is it white kinda reddish or yellow???

  • She has had that pain checked by several doctors and they cant find a problem.Sometimes she says that there is a point in her that I hit and pain results later.She has some prescription medication,that seems to help.At times,the pain comes even if we are not having s**.
    But she has been extremely angry with me ever since we moved to a new town and state.I felt like as soon as we arrived,she did not want me around anymore.I'm moving as soon as my new apartment application is approved,she needs all the room we have in our current apt.

  • Imstincts are right 96% of the time.
    ignore them no longer.
    throw dat fish back...getcha another.

  • Look, if the only thing that is suspicious is the discharge on her panties, then yes you are over-reacting. The amount of discharge varies from woman to woman. It also varies during the monthly cycle. If she has some sort of infection (maybe that's why her stomach hurts) it could be even more. Quite frankly, if she was getting it somewhere else, wouldn't she be a little more concerned about covering her tracks (like changing the underwear and washing the dirty ones before you have chance to see them).

    That being said, it sounds like her behavior is being a bit shady.

  • The reply that starts with the sentence "I think your reply is well reasoned out" is a reply to this post.

  • be smart, take her panties and some of her hair to a DNA lab, and have them tested.
    There are labs that can tell you if the liquid is s**** or regular discharge.

    If you do a couple of tests then all your doubts will blur, and if you feel your relationship is ending why are you still with her?

  • Were would I take them to get tested

  • Werre would I get them tested

  • I can understand the paranoia when you can't get a solid answer. If you have the bravery to cheat you should have it to tell the significant other. If she were to find your underwear with stains in the front, what would she say? It's always hard to put the shoes on your own feet and see it from someone else's perspective.

  • Nice idea,I would have done that if I were married or had a lot to lose.She has given me problems for 3 years so won't trouble myself with DNA.I did DNA on out two kids though and they are both mine.

  • I read this because my girlfriend is an escort and when we f*** she has white discharge, is it c** or her fluid?

  • You Stupid

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