Wish i wasnt easy...

I am 14 year old girl.so i am starting puberty + hormoeones are flying about,so my emotions are all over the place! i have been used quite alot lately,for sexual things,because i fall for a guy reall easy and they start to reallise this and use it agasint me by say things like 'if you love me you'll do this for me' so i feel if i do it that they will love me back but they dont after i have done they leave it a couple of hours before ending it.i hate how i fall for a guy to easily but i dont know how i can stop myself.helpp.

Jun 5, 2011

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  • I am a girl,14,and in puberty and bedwetting because of it.My parents require me to wear a thick cloth diaper and adult size plastic pants to bed every night.I have a hard crush on a 15 year old boy whom i spend a lot of time with.So far he doesnt know about my bedwetting and that i wear a diaper and plastic pants for it. I don't know how he would react if he found out.I am constantly worried that something will go wrong and he will find out.Should i tell him?

  • those boys deserve to die. NEVER let a guy use you. you deserve to be treated with respect! if they dont treat you like a princess, then forget them! you sound a lot like a friend of mine actually. i dont know your religion(if any) but I am praying for you!

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