Guilty girl...

I'm only 14, and i'm starting to think about s** a lot more. i feel like i can't even control it. i feel so nasty and guilty, for even thinking about it, but i feel like i can't help it..
i'm supposed to be the good child, you know? and now i'm thinking of.. s**. and sometimes, i like it.
is there any way to make it stop?

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  • I feel bad about the fact i bought my dad a suit jacket and shirt that looks just like the guy i want to go with even though i didn't do it intentionally. now i don't know how to feel. i really wanted to get him a dark blue or grey suit but this looks ok but its a mix and match style and he will need another one.

  • So i buy him a suit and he was listening in on me and my mother talking and is like just because he was talking about 2 completely different topics he was like "I will remember that" yeh well remember who bought you the suit to feel better about yourself too while your at it. I was trying to explain to him she was talking about something else but he is over sensitive and bullying about everything and needs a good talking to by someone to say "JG wake up mate you got a great daughter and family and how about you give back to them and help pay for your holidays and stop picking on them! its a disgrace the way you have your kids and house."

  • i have the same problem gal, ur not the only one, however im thirteen, dont seem to be anyway to stop. however i have posted a confession on here recently about how i think i may be pregnant, check it out, it may put u off a bit ;) probably dont help much, but there

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